Superman is a dick!

Keep in mind these are original comic book covers, not photoshopped, not altered, not anything, which in turn, makes them funny beyond imagination.

Holy crap, it’s Cobra Commander’s dad!

some really funny sh*t.

especially the time machine and batman.

the japanese war bond thing is odd, but not surprising for that time.

some really kooky stuff

that was so funny…your right the 2 time machine ones had me laughing kinda loud.

Very nice.
:bravo: :laughing:

I don’t wanna be a dick, but Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered when he was like 8…not in his teens. :slight_smile:

On a weird segue, when I was 11 or so, a friend got hundreds of DC comics from this era from an old lady who was cleaning out her attic. I remember some of these covers.