Supermarket similar to "Trader Joe's"

Anyone knows supermarket/s in Taipei similar to “Trader Joe’s” where I could buy some food, not the same like every other supermarket (Carrefour, RT-Mart, etc.)
Maybe prepackaged ready to cook sausage, etc

I don’t know. But I do know that Taiwan could really use a version of Vancouver’s “Pirate Joe’s” (later renamed “Irate Joe’s” after the original went after them with a lawsuit!).’s


The closest I know is the supermarket in basement of Breeze Center on Fuxing. Second place might be one in basement of the green Sogo on Fuxing.

Thank you tango42

Also Jason’s, the biggest one is in Taipei 101. Most big department stores have an upscale supermarket these days. And Costco of course. But none of these really come close to what Trader Joe’s is like.

Potentially they could but it would be a watered down much shittier version to appeal to local tastes, and thus you wouldn’t think it was similar and it would not go so it would be on the verge of failing unless it went more local and then it would be just like everywhere else.

Someone with some onions recently opened a lil food shopper on the corner of Guangfu and Ren’ai where a KFC used to be. In the beginning it was great, lots of fun beers, bevos, food stuffs and the finest cuts of meat, but now it is slowly morphing into hohum central.

Gotta give the people what they want, and that isn’t what they want.

people who want that tend to live in the Bay Area.