Supermarkets, foodstalls, stores on CNY?

Hey guys
Not sure where to post this but, my parents are telling me that it’s pretty hard to get food during CNY in Taiwan cause a lot of places are going to be closed(supermarkets, food stalls, etc)… is that true? (doesn’t make sense from a logical standpoint considering people should be looking to make money during that time)

Yup, they’re a lazy friggin bunch here in Taiwan. They’re even more sickening than those worthless mounds of lard in Western countries spending Christmas with the family. At least Christmas is only one day. Lots of people here spend nearly a week away from work. There’s daylight burning and money to be made. Lousy scum

Many places will be closed for about a day, not the entire week. Many restaurants, convenience stores, some food stalls,etc. will continue to be open regardless.

Smaller restaurants, mostly family owned, will take the only break they do all year long. Same with traditional market stalls. Supermarkets will close a vit earlier on the New Year’s Eve: examples Taiho will close at 5pm, Costco I think at 6pm. Then next two days they will open on a shorter schedule, then back to normal.

The problem is that the providers -say, farmers, transport companies- will be on break, so produce, milk, etc will not be the freshest. This leaves the unprepared with select choices such as McD and Domino’s.

Have a look around at your favorite places, ask, be ready with Plan B for meals -and don’t worry, most probably some local will take pity on teh starving furriner and ask you for dinner. In that case, bring red envelopes for the kids, at least candy.