Supply chain management degree

Hello all,
I am looking into starting a supply chain degree in Taiwan. My chinese level is conversational and I can read a bit. I could follow through with a degree in the states but I like the idea of the adventure and experience of taiwan. I have been the mainland in dongbei for a few month, to taipei and to home Kong. National dong hwa university (hualien) and national chiao university(hsinchu) both have programs taught in English. National kaohsiung university, takming University of science and technology(taipei), Feng
ersi(taichung) and chihlee University of technology all have degrees taught in Chinese. Also interestingly kaohsiung open university has an open online program that looks very interesting but I have very little info. My college in the states have many online and I have the thought of doing that and also come to taiwan. Any info on programs or insights would be much appreciated.
Thanks ray

How are your English grammar, typing, and spelling abilities?
They are very important things to have for a supply chain management degree.

Alot better when I’m not typing on a tablet in the middle of the night on a platform Im not used to. Also my typing fingers will be better when they have a chance to heal from being smashed loading pallets if tile or pulling refrigerators up stairs like my last two jobs but that’s the more physical aspect of supply chain. I have a degree in history though.

It would probably easier to focus on colleges/universities teaching in English, and then you study Chinese on the side at the same school or nearby the school.
You only mention 2 schools that teach English for your degree.
I recommend NDHU in Hualien. The air is clean on the east coast, and Hualien County is a fun place for the outdoors.

Thanks for the reply. I would even lean towards something like a technical degree, associates in science or a bachelors. I am on the older side and would like to use this in the workforce as soon as possible. Most jobs listings want 3 years practical experience. I met a lasy who worked for hyundai industrial with with just a degree in teaching… The open university if kaohsiung looks interesting as most everything is online.

darn those night time fingers for typos.