Support IraqWar Web site!

This is a great site and it would be a shame to see it go:
Great site for Iraq War information

Shouldn’t that be “for information on the war against the Iraq War”?

No surprises there, Saddam is beating Bush in the “Person of the Year” poll by 20% to 9%. However, “France, Germany, and Russia” (how exactly are three countries supposed to be counted as a single person?) are in the lead at 34.5%. I’m not sure who/what “Ramzaj” is, but he’s getting 25% of the vote – looks like it’s an anti-war Russian “news agency”. Hey, Wolf, weren’t you just bleating something about the Taipei Times being biased??

I don’t notice any articles about the “it’s all about oil” actions of Galloway, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other individuals and groups whom Saddam was paying off with funds from the U.N. “oil for bribes” program, though. So perhaps the site’s a wee bit biased?