Support Starworld in Taichung please

I just got used to Starworld on channel 106 and now the cable company has gone and cancel it for lack of interest! Please people help a TV addict out here and phone them at 04-24861000…Beg, Plead, Flirt let’s do whatever it takes to get it back on the air please…I’m sure I’m not the only one…think about…Grey’s anatomy, The American Idol final is on this bloody Wednesday and THURSDAY!!! Oprah, Seinfeld, The OC, Scrubs, Malcolm in the Middle…o what is a man to do in this place to get proper TV!

It hasn’t been cancelled. It’s available on the digital cable service only.

I imagine that if you phone them about this they’ll just suggest you go digital.

It’s not cheap though. I can’t remember how much, but quite enough to make me forget about watching Seinfeld and put up with the usual offerings such as the endless repeats of Tony Danza introducing Brooklyn.

Starworld is a lifesaver. I don’t watch much TV but when I do it’s often Starworld.
Digital cable isn’t that expensive. I can’t remember the numbers, but it’s not bad.

What you do is get a satellite system… OC season3 nearly finished anyways… oops thats not star world which is a year behind

So you can have season2 and 3 but on different channels… lol