Suppressing periods

uhh avoid periods in women is a thing??? Every day I learn something new. I really didn’t know this. How common is this practice?

Top female athletes do it. Perfectly normal. Try winning Wimbledon when you’re on the rag.

Maybe losing blood is also not great for athletic performance? Not sure if this theory had any truth here.

As a man I have no idea, but I would hazard a guess it’s uncomfortable and limits one’s stretching etc.

You’re an athlete. I’m astonished you are not aware of this.

I don’t know if there’s any data for this either but I definitely have a harder time at the gym during that time of the month. Just don’t feel as strong.

Athletes suppress periods all the time. Of course they do. How else could they compete at the top level?

You’ve trained 4 years for the Olympics. Oops, you’re menstruating.

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Female athletes at the elite level will often cease menstruation all together.

With regards to actual blood loss, yeah, nah, it’s maybe a teaspoon of blood in total.

Male athletes are not really in contact with female athletes all that much. We usually have different facilities.

There has been some research that actually having 450 periods in average in your life is not healthy. The issue is that we were meant to be pregnant more, so naturally having less periods. Because at that time people lived less and needed more people to replace dead ones. More periods lead to hormonal imbalances and promote cancers as per research.

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Only took a jiffy:

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But being pregnant more wouldn’t lessen that many. So 440 instead of 450 makes a difference?

That’s like the one time. Even many high schools put girls games on different fields and courts in the US.

We are talking like my granny’s time, like 25 pregnancies, half of them surviving. Take that back a couple thousand years and add more kids. Plus usually when you are breastfeeding, there is no crimson tide.

And most importantly, if you die at childbirth at 30, there are not 450 periods.

Yeah, OK.

Even assuming limited interaction with the other sex, you’d guess that menstruating could seriously limit an athlete’s performance? Say, a swimmer?

Say nausea, headaches, bloating, cramps, wouldn’t affect other sports athletes?

It would affect them. That’s why you wouldn’t want to have them. In order to win.

Are there any female athletes posting on here who can help out a bit?

I honestly never gave it much thought. I’m more familiar with the male endocrine symptoms. Females are arguably more complicated due to the cycle and possible pregnancy.

You’re in a thread titled “Suppressing periods”.

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This is the first time I thought about it. I thought maybe they plan their workouts around it. And just push through it or take time off.

You’re a personal trainer, among other things, yeah? If you train female athletes in the future this will be more than a take time off issue.