Supreme Commander 2 Game Anyone?

I was wondering if anyone is up for a PC Game of Supreme Commander 2? I finished the campaign and really want to play multiplayer but pings outside of Taiwan suck and a weekly game would be nice?

I’m still on the fence on this one. I’ll let you know if I grab it instead of Command and Conquer 4 this week.

Sounds good with me Okami, I was thinking about C&C4 as well but after they changed the whole format of the game. Moving away from the RTS model to the “World in conflict” model I decided against it.

The thing I get about CC$ is that you must play with another person or you are screwed, some of the campaigns can’t even be solo’d. I kind of like that if I have friends playing and hate it if I don’t.

Quick ? on SC2: Are gunships as overpowered as I have been reading due to lack of effective AA?

Gunships are pretty easy to build early on provided you get the right research points but from what I have read on the steam forums, it is not the “gentleman’s” strategy. Any decent AA defense will rip them up provided the AA’s are shielded of course.