Supreme Education (sic) Group

They are still at it. If their promises came true you would be very rich, instead you will be suffering in purgatory.
Their specialty is “International Schools” where the principal does not speak English and you have the ( privelidge ? ) of speaking to him once every two weeks.
Contracts and Taiwan law mean nothing to them, You will be very, v, v, lucky to get back from them the illegal monthly deposit, and your last months’ wage. -I didn’t! But I followed Tw law.
Always ask to see the other little tricks they have up their sleeves:
-contract tells you that you must punch the time clock: 07:30-17:30
-duties and responsibilities of classroom teacher
-duties and responsibilities of foreign teacher (additional)
-homework guidelines and checklists
-extra-curricular duties and reponsibilities (unpaid)
They keep adding to the list, and the points in the contacts make you say “they can’t be serious”, but believe it. TIT “This is Taiwan”