Surfing in the northeast

Just for the halibut, I took the train from Taipei to Fulung today. The beach, when it’s open, looks decent. A bit of surf, but not much. Definitely for very beginning surfers. Shops sold bathing suits, but none that I saw rented surfboards.

Where the heck is this Dahsi everyone keeps talking about, and what train do you have to take to get there? I saw no stop called “Dahsi” all the way down to Hualien. I did find a town called this on one map, but it’s landlocked and near Hsinchu.

Anyhow, if anyone has gone surfing at any beach that’s a short train ride from Taipei, definitely tip me off. When does the earliest train leave? How are the waves? Are there any reef breaks? When is the open season, and how crowded with surfers does the water get on a typical weekend day?

Daxi (Da Hsi) is a small stop, so most of the trains don’t stop there. You have to get the slow train which takes two hours. There is one fast train a day that stops there. I can’t remember the time, but it’s around 9 or 10 in the morning. Another option is to get the train to Fulong and hitch.
It’s basically south along the coast from Fulong. Two stops on the slow train I think.

or just take the fast train to Fulong and then jump on the next train that has a stop at Dashi. You can rent surfboards there.

yea, there are two Dashis and most Taiwanese are only aware of the landllocked one.

Dashi is the easiest place to get to for surf, near taipei, by train. So, Dashi can get a little crowded when there are waves. Other spots all around the island and some other ones (reef mostly) near Taipei, but I don’t think you’ll be accessing them by train.

I went surfing at Daxi last year. There are two surf shops which hire boards.

Th day I went the surf was wind blown but I’m sure if you picked the right day I could be good. BTW it is a beach break

I have also seen poeple surfing to the north of Keelong up near Yeliu but I couldn’t name the place.