Surprise Birthday Party

My husband’s 50th birthday is coming up. And I wanted to do something special. Anyone know a place where I can plan his birthday surprise?

I’m still not sure whether to have a big birthday party or not. It depends on the place or ideas that I’ll put altogether. Basically if its just a restaurant reservation probably I will only invite clost friends and family. But if I wanted to be a little big, I need restaurants that can give exclusive venue with reasonable arrangements or just a place that I can rent. Open to any suggestions.

Thank you

Are you looking for a restaurant or an open space to rent? Or even an place with activities besides food?

Have you been to Carnegie’s?

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Not really a party as such, but there are some really cheap deals in high end hotels in Taipei right now. He might prefer that. I would.


A lot of those places have good buffets that aren’t too expensive. I know I would prefer that too.

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Like I said I’m open to anything right now. It all depends to the place that I can find.

I need a more specific recommendation tho.

I was very impressed with the Hilton.

You can try the restaurants/bars at the Top floors of Breeze Nanshan ,
Very nice views of 101 , watch the sunset , enjoy the night view

You can contact them for reservations

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