Survey: Benefits paid by local companies

I am working for a small Taiwanese company and recently went into an argument about expenses occured during domestic travel, mainly laundry bills. The company refuses to pay for it, arguing it’s not common in Taiwan to do so and it should be covered by the daily allowance - a mere NT$300 per day. Something which I actually had to fight for though I had no influence on the amount to be paid.
As well they are not too happy about the standard of hotels I request - I don’t need 5 star but something decent and clean (around 1500-2000 a day would probably be sufficient).

Thus I would like to know - given you work for a local company - what benefits (and how much) do they pay for domestic travel? I mean not day trips to meet a customer here and there but out-station work for several days if not weeks.

Accomodation budget
Daily allowance
Car rental
Others (please specify)

The last company I worked for was very generous for business travel, it is a Taiwan company but is very large, over 3000 empolyees. Here is what we got.

NT$1000 per day on travel. (Daily allowance)
transportation - all
food - dining up to US$50 a day.
phone calls made for business from the room
I would imagine we would have recieved laundry if it was a long trip.
Car Rental

This is all I can remember… for now…

Hotel = $3,500 to $5,000 / day
(depending on city - no choice, booked by company)

Allowance = $3,500NT / day
(for everything - transportation, laundry, phone)

Food = $2,000NT / day

I guess that means $5,500 / day.