Suspicion with ning chi brand…

anybody even had a bad experience with them? Unlike other soy sauce manufacturers which explicitly said they were gmo-free, ning chi didn’t have an English version page. And when I email them, they told me “no”, but I got sick nevertheless like other food with suspicion ingredients.

How trustworthy is this ning chi anyways? Kikkoman and amoy said they were non-gmo.

Their government page said that 50% of their soy is imported. That stuff is dangerous man. According to the site, seems their publics not aware of the dangerous nature of gmo. … c_no=32640

not knowing is one thing but i hate being lied to. Damn b*stards!

GMO soya won’t kill you, but eating too much salt will!

Where on earth do you get the idea that GMO soya will make you sick? It might cause plenty of agricultural and economic side-effects, but I doubt it’s the reason for your gut-related ones. Pesticide residues on Roundup-ready stuff …? Maybe, but still a bit unlikely.

But yeah, a lot of imported soya will be from GM varieties unless it’s explicitly marked as non-GMO. So if you object to it on principle all you can do is look at the label or ask - as you did - but AFAIK there is no legal requirement in Taiwan to declare ingredients from GM plants.

man…you guys are in the dark. there is a big movement brewing in US now. i don’t know if you folks taiwanese or foreigners to taiwan. … d_GMO.html

choose to beleive or not…

i suppose nobody here heard of monsanto and their history and how they been supplying most gmo corn seed for one in the usa. guess what? they big on gmo soy too. and if taiwan been importing like 50% soy then… does this make sense now? i sure hope so…

you know what, since we already off to a great start, forget i even posted? gmos not dangerous, its a smear campaign to damage gmo’s rep. there a conspiracy out to frame gmos, these are marvels of science and they will keep your descendants going strong with benefical qualities.


I don’t “choose to believe” stuff just because some blogger wrote that it’s true.

If you read your quoted article:
We conclude that these data highlight signs of hepatorenal toxicity, possibly due to the new pesticides specific to each GM corn.
This could well be true. There is evidence emerging that glyphosate (for many years treated carelessly because people thought it was “harmless”) can cause long-term damage to soil health, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it also has human health effects. But it’s still just handwaving, and it suggests a less-than-rigorous study.

As for all that shrillness about “artificial” food - where do you think modern crop varieties come from? Almost all of them are highly-selected (ie., genetically engineered) for certain characteristics. Maize,for example, is an engineered hybrid related to teosinte. Brassicas are all basically the same species, but have been bred into the wide variety of different vegetables that you see on the shelves. Personally, I don’t like GMOs because I think they’re pointless and encourage cavalier attitudes to nature (as in the case of glyphosate over-use), but if you’re going to rail against them, at least get your facts straight.

Incidentally, I think HH is a biochemist, so he probably knows what he’s talking about.

lmao! i give up on you man. anyone that still curious, just look up dr oz and gmo. and if that still don’t get you to seriously rethink the issue, i don’t know what to say. is pure quackery and Dr. Oz is only slightly adulterated quackery. I can pretty much assume that anything they both promote is wrong.

i guess you are right. its just a scam cooked up by jealous paranoid people. if you can’t trust the fda of america, who can you trust? and monsantos a humane organization looking to feed the world through gmo. what a great organization! :smiley:

i guess you are right. its just a scam cooked up by jealous paranoid people. if you can’t trust the fda of America, who can you trust? and monsantos a humane organization looking to feed the world through gmo. what a great organization! :smiley:[/quote]

I’m open to changing my mind, just show me some well designed research in recognized peer reviewed journals.

doesn’t look like people on this forum are very informed about risk of gmo, seemingly consistent with what taiwan government said about their civilians. i won’t give ning chi any more business. deadend here in terms of getting answers.

btw, i feel i done enough in terms of raising a rethink here. you can look into this matter further if you care. but do wonder why europe bans gmo for their people. maybe the scientists there are bunch of phD dummies…