Sustainability is bad for you

Ruining the narrative, and your health, at Chipotle: … ty-crisis/

Moral smugness makes you feel good about yourself until the e. coli kicks in.

What we need is sane, reasonable restrictions on progressive posturing, self righteousness and virtue signaling.

There’s an analogy to be made here to the global immigration/refugee debate, but there are plenty of threads on that already. Also an analogy to the EPA dumping scandal. (I could maybe bring up the KMT and food safety in Taiwan but that would be a reach.) Let’s just say this: if you’re going to be concerned about some sort of purity, don’t make it the ideological variety. In a word: priorities.

OMG. 500 people out of the 48 million who get similar food related illnesses every year ate at a chain restaurant claiming sustainability. Must re-examine everything I ever thought.


Just remember it is the thought, the effort that matters most, not the result. IF these businesses and organizations mean well, it does not really matter if they do well. Why is that so difficult to understand? :roflmao: