Sustainability of meat

Back in canada on bar night specials we would get 100 wings for 10 bucks (cdn). Now it just seems retarded given how badly we treat other species for a cheap 1 hour thrill and the environemental fail. Poop on wing night now. its not possible to justify 99.99% of the time. They were yummy, but looking back were never good…in fact, incredibly bad.

Actually, the meat industry is one of the most efficient ones we have in terms of environmental impact.

Though I recommend that discussion for a new thread.

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If someone starts a thread, i am all in! I agree with no, meat being wrong, regardless of my being vegetarian. In fact i have spent 20 years on and off with invertebrate based food research. I think meat is absolutely necessary, it is just done in an insane way that i am totally against.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. lol

Dont worry, no regrets, just teying to change going forward. I feel zero sadness for the past, only optimism for the future thinking i know better than i did before :slight_smile: for me, i feel this is a good path to happiness and sustainability.

The non-chicken wing path? You sound like you are trying I center yourself. If so, let the regret or glorification of your past go as well as wishing thinking and hope about the future.

live in the now! - Garth

Haha, did you read anything i wrote? I dont live in regret, i live in learning. I will quote again for those that wont read above.

“Dont worry, no regrets, just teying to change going forward. I feel zero sadness for the past, only optimism for the future thinking i know better than i did before :slight_smile: for me, i feel this is a good path to happiness and sustainability.”

Aka, i live in the now, dont feel guilty about the past and i plan better for the future…or at least thats what i try to do. We all fail sometimes. But i certainly dont stay up at night on chicken wing guilt lol!

Indeed. The question is … what does one do about it? The industrial model is hopelessly broken: the only reason it appears efficient is that the USDA (and similar) have chosen to subsidize it up to the eyeballs, scrape the environmental impact under the rug, and shut sustainable/regenerative producers out of the market. It’s particularly bad in the US, but not hugely different elsewhere.

EDIT: it occurs to me that there’s one possible way out of the mess, but it would involve going head-to-head with the government, thusly:

People operating a regenerative model need to sell meat below cost. In other words, start a price war with the big producers. To do that, they would need to be running a tight ship with several streams of income, and they’d need a very efficient distribution model (direct sales). Meat isn’t particularly profitable anyway, so taking a hit on meat prices wouldn’t actually be a big deal for a mixed farm.

Get the top-quality product out there at such a low price that people will be falling over themselves for a share of it. Once people are hooked, get big investors on board and start buying up land to scale up. Keep the prices rock-bottom low until the big operators are destroyed. As capacity ramps up, prices can creep up slowly.


The current way we farm animals and plants aren’t sustainable.

Have you guys see supersize me 2? The poultry industry in the US and probably most of the world is just disgusting. We can fix this if we wanted and cared.


It is easily solvable. I appreciate @finley opinion.of undercutting big compnies, but relly thats not possible. I view the easiest way as the market (eg. You) smarten up. Buy less, buy better, waste less spend the same…

As long as the food waste that exists as it does now, there is no justification that food cannot become more expensive…

On top of that, one thing i have been passionate about for over 20 years is invertebrate based meat. Anyone that eats shrimp, clams, escargo, calamari etc cant say shit about crickets. On any level other than its more logical.

I agree. It’s up to the consumers to drive change in a capitalist system. Government stepping in is half the cause of the current issue.

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My advice might be useless because this is a Taiwan forum. But … I’ve lived in a couple of different U.S. cities where I could find a local farmer / rancher selling grass fed sustainably and humanely raised animals. For a fee they’ll deliver a nice big freezer full of butchered cuts and pieces.

Of course this requires getting to know your local farmer, owning a big freezer, planning purchases and consumption in advance. But I see those as good things.

Yes, thhats avery good way in many countries, i agree. Taiwan is different in a few ways. 1 is that taiwan is largely insensitive to their surroundings, especially that of the feeling of other species. Some are ( we have a huge vegan population, but the lions share are cult followers and the minority are those that think about how ananimal feels).

Space is limited and overpopulation is rampant. For larger animal meats, like cows its quite hard to find a “happy meat” option. Chickens are easier. Goats actually are easy too, surprisngly.

A huge issue with food in due to the institutional indoctination and lack of knowledge about where food comes from here. Not to compare to other countries, but incredibly naive in general. This leads to massive issues with empathy, contamination, health, environment etc etc that taiwan is truly struggling to try and correct now. But its still hard struggle especially in country with already fairly high prices for decent food. Note, decent.

This doesnt even touch on the issues of the new generations being scared of going out and. figuring things out now, so most people just uber eat everything, play on their phine, work an easy job and dont need to expend any energy to advance their lives in ways such a searching for quality foods. Taiwan now is kind of realizing the issues with cancers, ogran failures and such in a big way, and healthier foods are now a fast booming industry. sadly the marketing, sales and middlemen are doing their thing to gouge people on prices based on very mediocre stories.

We have lots more work to do, that is for sure! But this should make us happy :slight_smile:


Meat, meat, meat…
Pleanty sustainable and yummy too.
Just keep it local…
Don’t eat so much…
There’s something nice seeing the happy piggies going into the factory and seeing your pork chops and natural sausage in the market the next day.
Source your food locally for your pork, poultry, vegetables and rice. There is even a local milk producer.
Wasn’t there a special word that meant eating only from the food in your local area?


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100% agree. Hopefully we can get some practical man made alternative or bug bars normalised ASAP

Nothing makes you regular like roughly ground up cockroaches and quinoa. Yummers

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You have quinoa growing locally?

Some people simply don’t want to be saved.

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Those vegetarian hot pot chicken breasts are pretty good. I always stir fry then with tomatoes, kimchi and coriander, but you could definitely smother them in wing sauce if you wanted. I’d try it, but I don’t know any recipes for sugar free wing sauce.