SUV safe? Don't fool yourself

This is not really a news for me (should not be if you knew physics) but here you have some stats proving it.

Why do you guys think that tall body on big bubbly tires is more safe on the street?
Does higher viewpoint justify it? Does the scare factor induced in other drivers count?

You want safe, you should buy well engineered, heavy, low sitting car.
Make it a black Benz and your’re going to be much safer in Taiwan :slight_smile:

[quote]“There is a misconception that SUVs are safer than cars,” says Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “That’s not borne out by the crash statistics that we compile each year. Pound for pound, if you’re comparing vehicles of a similar weight, SUVs tend to be less safe than cars.”

10 tips for SUV safety … dtype=loan

Let’s just sum up the inevitably ensuing posts, based on thousands of SUV-related threads:

“SUVs are less safe and less efficient than cars”

“Yeah, why do all these greedy bastards drive SUVs? You got something to compensate for, buddy?”

“I’ll have you know I use my SUV to tow my 72 Australian reindeer to kindergarten shows! Up waterfalls! I’m not like those suburban warriors who never leave the pavement!”

“I’m one of those suburban warriors and I resent that! I’ll be damned if you have the right to tell me what to drive! I could squish you liberals in your silly Priuses and Corollas if I wanted to! But I don’t, because I’m a nice person.”

“SUVs are dangerous because they smush smaller vehicles!”

“Why don’t you get real vehicles then? I’m just protecting myself. Might as well tell us all to ride bicycles.”

This was not intended but go on… some entertainment on a slow day would be nice.

The fact that I experience SUV’s mostly as large, “safe”, slowly rolling turds blocking the road of the more nimble and efficient automobiles or scooters
makes me feel entitled to at least some entertainment out of them. :slight_smile:

When I grow up I want to drive a Challenger tank.

I already do… :sunglasses: