Suzuki G Vitara

Thinking of picking one up second hand. Love the styling, size and specs (except they seem to be all auto in TW). Anybody here have one, or experienced owning one before? Feedback opinions?

On my list is also the Nissan X-Trail, Honda CRV (ugly but plenty available), Jeep Grand Cherokee (mid 2000’s), Ford Escape… Budget up to 250K.


I’m no expert, just my 2 cents:
The grand vitara should be a good choice, just be aware the 2.5v6 is thirsty and in a higher tax bracket. My wife has an escudo which is as old as the mountains and it is very reliable. but that is my limited experience on suzuki’s.
The Xtrail is good as well, and so is the honda. Again, the Xtrail 250 would put you in a higher tax bracket, as will the gas guzzling jeep. Plenty of Escapes/tributes around, but I have heard mixed responses. So, I know, I am not giving any helpful advice, just my 2 cents… good luck with your choice.

Still better than no response :slight_smile:. Yeah, the tax and gas brackets are there, but not influencing my decision too much. Reliability is probably the number one factor on my list, followed by comfort and sound isolation in a package that can do camping and boondocks duty.

Right now leaning towards the Infiniti QX4. Great reviews around the world for reliability (just a snazzy Pathfinder) and some decent deals to be had in TW due to the 3.3 litre engine.

Some discussion of that genre of offroadish cars here


IIRC some aluminium-blocked Vitara/Escudo engines suffered from cracks. Thought it was in that thread, but don’t see it. Search MJB’s posts and ye shall find a description, probably.

Went with a newer QX4 and happy with the purchase. 240 HP engine is pretty perky, the interior is a class above the old one, exterior is nice and while it is a bit big, it’s manageable. Drinks gas, but acceptable for what it is.