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I have 2 guitars that are in good condition that I would like to swap.

One is a Fender acoustic with steel strings, the other is a basic electric. Both work fine and I’m looking to trade both of them for a decent nylon acoustic if possible.


I am interested in those books. Anything particular you would like to have in return? Can’t think of anything to offer at the moment…, except perhaps for a few German books. Wait, of course I could get you some coffee beans (from Peru I think) from the local fair-trade coffee shop here in Taichung.


On offer: Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie’s Dinners”. Too British in flavor for our family, but maybe someone on the forum will enjoy cooking the recipes.

Swap: Any reading material for myself or for kids (aged 6 and 4).


Book has been taken.

Still have a wetsuit, small women’s, worn once in the pool.


I’m prepared to pay or preferably pay in kind, anyone who is able to teach me basic computer skills. I have little to offer in reciprocation. Some great meals, decent conversation, as much whisky/wine/beer as you want.


Care to be more specific? As in what exactly is it you want to learn?


Basic computer skills. I can use the internet ok, but I struggle with basic things like downloading images, transferring them, etc. I also don’t know what the right button on the mouse is for. I don’t know how to post images on forums. I have a CD/DVD writer, but I don’t know how to copy stuff. That sort of shit.


Hehe, well, are you a quick learner?
I thought my dad was impossible when it comes to computers, but he’s actually managing to get on skype these days and finding the new online which is a huge improvement for him.
Alas, that wasn’t thanks to me though, as every time I tried to teach him something I was pulling my hair out. Then again, it took him a decade or so to get to where he is now :smiley:

But in all seriousness, none of that is all to hard.
FYI, the right mouse button brings up menus in just about every application in Windows, as well as the desktop (that is presuming you have a PC running Windows).

Most of the other stuff is all about using the right software and being a bit organized.


jimi, do you have a laptop or a desktop? Do you use Windows? You’d probably need to learn on your own computer rather than somebody else’s since that’s the one you’d be working on the most, and you’d also want to get the easiest-to-use programs installed on your computer, like TheLostSwede says. If you have a laptop and are willing to come to my place, I could show you a few things. I can’t really get to Sanchong from Zhonghe very easily or very often, and I have to watch after my two kids a lot of the time.

Like TheLostSwede, I’ve also taught my dad many things over the years, and he’s improved quite a bit. I think he still has problems with file management and moving files to different folders, but he rarely needs to do that. He can do things like email, Skype (with video), surf the web, add data to his genealogy program, and backup his computer. I’m sure you could learn a lot more and a lot faster than my dad.

I have a soft spot in my heart for people that want to learn, and you seem like you’re genuinely eager to learn these computer skills. This computer teaching topic may need to be split into it’s own thread if it becomes too long, but we’ll have to see I guess.


Jimi - I am technologically inept, too.
I bought a Mac years ago. Problem solved.
Take the easy road, my friend.

edit * and the bonus is there is NO right hand mouse button on a Mac, so I never did need to figure out what that was for.
I love Apple.


I’m sorry kage, but Mac’s really aren’t that different to use than PC these days. OS X has just as many idiosyncrasies as Windows. No right mouse button, sure, you just have to press a button on the keyboard instead…
OS X does handle your files, to a degree, as in it dumps it all in the same folder, hardly a great solution.
Mac’s are also insanely overpriced imho and most of the time not nearly as powerful as an equivalently (or less) priced PC.
Getting a Mac isn’t the solution for people that don’t know how to use a computer, learning how to use a computer is the solution.


Amen to that. :thumbsup:


[quote=“TheLostSwede”]I’m sorry kage …[/quote] Gee, and here I was so happy not to have had a single computer crash ever since I dumped my PC. I didn’t realize that PCs don’t crash anymore. That is amazing!!!

Uhm, could you please tell me what button that is on the keyboard (in lieu of the right mouse button)? That might be useful information in case I ever need a right mouse button (for whatever right mouse buttons are for). I am not being sarcastic. I really don’t know.

I know this has gotten off topic, but please don’t temp it before someone fills me in on the secret key. Thanks mod.


modern Macs have two-button mouses. Actually, no buttons, just tap on the mouse the right way. Or use the excellent track pads on a MacBook: one, two three and four finger commands.

Of course, you can always hold down the control button when you click on a single button mouse for the second button feature.

I use a Logitech wireless four-button mouse these days with my Macs, so I’m not fussed about singe button mouses.


Thanks, Urodacus. I appreciate that.

Back to swap shop:

  • edit* Got them - thanks!
    (no longer)wanted:
    I am lending books to a shut in Filipina. She is interested in Harry Potter book 4 (and up). Does anyone have these kicking around?

a violin - not a great one, but something to get started on.
a small vacuum (needs bags). It works fine, but is not strong enough for all the dog hair I accumulate.


[quote=“kage”]Thanks, Urodacus. I appreciate that.

Back to swap shop:
I am lending books to a shut in Filipina. She is interested in Harry Potter book 4 (and up). Does anyone have these kicking around?
offers (more to some later):
a violin - not a great one, but something to get started on.
a small vacuum (needs bags). It works, but is not strong enough for all the dog hair I accumulate.[/quote]
Part with Harry Potter books?? Quelle audace? :laughing: FYI all the local libraries have them.


Well, I’ve seen OS X crash just as badly as Windows, so no, Mac’s aren’t crash free.
Windows 7 crashes just as often as OS X, so you draw your own conclusions.


the program may crash (and that’s usually Word) but the OS doesn’t miss a beat…

and yes, MacOSX does have a file location preference, with separation into folders of documents, pictures, movies, music, downloads, applications, system library, etc, but you’re not forced to use them at the root level if you don’t want to.

I must admit, I have never had Windows 7 or Windows Vista crash on me, but that’s only because i have never used it. Windows XP crashes all the time, though.


I have them. Will trade for other books, if you have any to offer.


Great, thanks! In looking for books to exchange, I came across Harry Potter 6 and 7, so I guess I only need 4, 5, and 8 (and up). I can probably return them to you when she is done, but an exchange would probably be better, just in case things go awry, as things are wont to do.

Let me know if any of these appeal (if not, I can list more):
TAKEN Spanish Oxford dictionary
Lord of the Rings
TAKEN Harraps French verbs study guide
TAKEN Colloquial Scottish Gaelic
TAKEN 500 Spanish verbs
Chinese study books (minimal to no English)
Taiwan tour book (Mandarin only)
TAKEN Taiwanese study book
Yang Min Shan guide book (Mandarin only)
TAKEN Latinoamerica – su civilizacion y su cultura
TAKEN Stella Gibbons – Cold Comfort Farm (a parody of romantic countryside novels)
Sarah-Kate Lynch – By Bread Alone
TAKEN Pico Iyer – Falling off the Map (travel)
TAKEN Bill Richardson – Bachelor Brother’s Bed and Breakfast (the best of the lot I have to offer thus far)
Isaac Asimov – various titles – they were given to me and I haven’t gotten around to them yet. Maybe I should have a read.
Terry Pratchet – Eric ( I read one other book by this author, Going Postal, which I thought was far better than Eric)
Romeo and Juliet
A Midsummer Night Dream

Treasure Island
The Dark Crystal
Logan’s Run
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (original)
Truman Capote
One Meter Sunlight (Chinese love story, judging by the cover)

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