Sweden go boom

Motive unclear…



Boom boom boom. Nice job Sweden. Not to mention the sexual assault and rapes happening at alarming rates.

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The good news is everything is normal.

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Just part of the parcel of living in a major city.

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This is why major cities are a bad thing. They should be banned.

Did Sweden try to ban bombings and buy back bombs?


That could blow up in their faces.


upcoming civil war there, upcoming civil war in the U.S… pretty soon the whole world wants in on this burgeoning trend

The Swedes are too damn polite to fight back.

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The vast majority of the culprits are swedes, as it says in the article you posted as well.

The issue is not so much swedes being too polite(if they can set off bombs, why not prevent setting off them ?), it’s that the vast majority of crime is confined to rather small areas usually quite far from the city centres so out of sight and affects only that community

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Where? Apparently Sweden can’t release ethnicity of culprits. But their intelligence agencies say the gangs are is poor areas populated by 1st, 2nd 3rd gen immigrants and have a similar profile.

Care to wager that having a name like Mohammad fits into this common profile of culprits?

Not sure how familiar you are with Sweden, but most(if not all) second and third generation immigrants have swedish nationality. Even most first generation immigrations apply for swedish nationality as soon as they can.

There is no ethnicity requirements in sweden for nationality, so even brown and yellow people can be swedes.

Mohammed and Slobodan are probably the most common names when it comes to street crime, and when you move up to more organised crime Slobodan would far surpass that of Mohammed.

The issue is not their nationality, i’ve been told the difference in culture is quite drastic in these places. The behaviors they are showing, resemble places like Afghanistan as the article says. I think the Swedes are way to naive about people being able to assimilate into Swedish culture coming from certain cultures where the values are 180 degree different.

I admire their humanitarian point of view, but they have been naive and this is the result.

Okay then, I must have misunderstood. I was under the impression you believed the crimes were commited by someone else than Swedes.

I agree the European immigration system is broken but totally disagree that the problem is inherent to people from those cultures.
Just look at immigrants in the US, its still far from perfect but shows you how much difference it makes when the immigrants feel like equal members of the society rather than inferior to the natives.
Imo the problem is that the immigration rate was faster than integration rate for European countries.

Having lived in Sweden I think it’s almost impossible for a non Swedish European to integrate let alone an Asian or other ethnic background. At least for the first generation migrant it’s impossible. Second and third…Should be possible to a degree for sure .
The situation could be much better in Stockholm .
The problem is Swedish people are INCREDIBLY RESERVED and very hard to get to know …That have a natural wariness…Once they are your friend it’s golden…But that’s really really hard. They make German people look like a Mexican Marachi band at the Fiesta!

My experience is from over two decades ago so it may be out of date.

I think there are lots more foreigners there now so it’s easier to find a 'foreign community ’ so you don’t need to try and integrate that much anyway.


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I quite like Germans I don’t know where they get the bad rap from good fun ! And they did welcome many very desperate refugees from Syria, that was quite impressive humanity on display (not all agree but this gave thousands of people new hope and chance for a new life in a civilised country )

Sorry for diverting Rowland and Andrew’s Smorgasjerk :grin:.

Basically any non Swede could meet major problems trying to integrate there because of the rather unusual characteristics of Swedish culture. It’s the only country I really struggled living in.

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That’s why we have the Electoral College.

How do you know? How does the article writer know?

They deliberately avoid collecting that data.

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