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One of stereotype of Swedish girls is they are progressive (read it as easy). Do you tend to agree or you did not have luck in Scandinavians?

I haven’t been to Sweden, but I know a little about the place… mostly learned from the Muppet character- The Swedish Chef.


That’s a pretty accurate portrayal of Swedish people. So you can call yourself an expert.

my main exposure is from reading karl ove knausgaard but he’s norwegian living in sweden.

i DO worry about the people of Gallinge though, this is their ONLY radio station and it only plays this song…

note: you have to turn off https everywhere for the site to work

note 2: it’s called Spinning Seal FM in case you need to choose another city and go back to Gallinge

@Dr_Milker you’d appreciate this

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I lived in Sweden for a while…My God was I bored. No wonder they like visiting Thailand so much…The worst part was, generally speaking, their abysmal lack of social skills and standoffishness although that seems to have spread throughout much of the world right now. Swedish ppl overseas are easier going.
Beautiful country though.

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True and also not. The stereotypical US approach of (humble)bragging about your accomplishments would not go over very well. Culture crash.

Sort of accurate. Scandis I guess suffered relatively less in the pandemic, social needs already supressed.

I saw this all over Sweden, Finland, Germany, and (to a lesser extent) Iceland. I just had time to take pictures at the airport because I was waiting.

Some ignorant Swedes you met there, the defs are pretty clear-cut.

Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Linguistic and cultural.

Nordic: +Finland and Iceland. And the much ignored-Faroe Islands.

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Have you asked them? There’s no consensus.

There really is.

Fex you probably have heard of Scandinavian Airlines. Who are in… Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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This is from the Iceland National Museum.

62% of modern Icelanders’ mitochondrial (maternal) DNA comes from the British Isles.

80% of their Y-chromosome (paternal) DNA comes from Nordic countries.

Vikings took Celtic wives on their way to Iceland.


The Scandinavian mountain range extends to Finland.

Do you have photos besides the airport?

Not sure what you call Swedish equivalent of weeb but 100% me.

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Okay. Out with it. What’s a clown doing in those parts of the great plains?

Yes. Most of them have me in it, but here are a few:

I took this panoramic shot.

This is at a famous church near central station in Stockholm.

I posted this in the other thread.


Thank you!! Does the shrimp cheese taste like shrimp easy cheese? :joy:

I agree 100%. Sweden is awesome.

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Is that what it says on the tube?