Swedish and British Pubs

I’ll take Sweden!!!

jacatu.de/wbb2/t7850-swedish … clubs.html

Absolutely HILARIOUS!

“C’mere me little love monkey…”

UK Nightclubs vs. Swedish Nightclubs

This is just… I don’t know what to say… worth looking at.

It’s true.

I have been out on the town in Sweden, great girls (however no real difference lookwise to the ones from where I come from), civilized guys. (visible drunkenness frowned upon, nice dressers both sexes, no aggresivity, no signs of violence happening etc).

I went out in Bolton.

The only remotely nice looking were the pro’s, there was an undercurrent of aggression everywhere, and if I were single and living in the UK, my sex life would intentionally be an imported porn magazine and a roll of toilet paper.

Yes Mr. He, we’ve all heard about how you are very … er … “fond of yourself” as some might say. :laughing: