Sweet easy-going boy dog looking for a loving home

A friend of mine left Taiwan recently, and had to leave his dog behind. The animal got dumped in my lap 11PM Wednesday. My heart is bleeding for him, as he’s the sweetest most easy-going dog I have ever met, however as I have a baby in the house 2 bigger kids moving in full time shortly, and infrequest travel to boot, I have to let him go.

The dog is a tugou mix, I think he’s around 12kg, I would estimate him to be around 4 years old.

He’s not neutered, and I am a bit unsure about his vaccination status.

He’s been raised in a big yard, I think I gave him his first bath in his life Thursday, and he has never been house trained, or lived indoors.

That said he’s as smart as they come. He has got used to living indoors since Wednesday, he is smart enough to do his business on his 2 daily walks, and I have despite his age managed to teach him a couple of new commands in a couple of days. (Thank God for doggie bisquits).

He has no dominance issues whatsoever, and is very eager to please. He likes bing around people, that said he had less people contact in the past, so he will wander off and find a corner to lie in, once he gets too much. (He is however doing that less and less as he gets uset to having humans around).

He likes cuddling, and as he’s used to sleep on the ground, he stays out of the furniture. When left home alone, he won’t try to wreck anything. My guess is that he lies down in a corner, patiently waiting for his temporaty master to come home.

The only issue I have noticed is that he has an issue with high sounds, he tends to get a bit frightened by them. I think he has been subject to sporadic violence in the past.

That said, he mentally very healthy. He’s used to children.

And the pics:

More pictures are available here:


He’s really lovely looking, I’m sure that someone will snap him up. :rainbow:
Does he have a name?

His name is Husky. He responds to it.

He is a great dog and I am sorry that I had to leave him with you on such short notice Mr He. He regularly got a bath by the way. And flee medicine, so no flees. His shots are all up to date and he has been vacinated for travel around the world. He also has a microchip implant for quick ID. Candy has the book with the info. in it. If not then she can give you the name of the vet that he went to in Chung Li. He loves kids and used to play with them everyday. He is strong and loves to run as well. Thank you for taking him on walks and taking care of him He. He knows a few tricks and likes to shake a paw, with either paw as well. Right hand means left paw etc… He will also sit and wait to eat until you say “OK” and hand gesture towards the food.

We miss him here very much but i hope someone takes him soon and gives him a nice home. We had a nice place for him to go but at the last minute they changed their minds and that is why Mr.He got a bad break.

Sorry again bud!!! Thank you soo much for the kindness though. I truly hope it does not cause you any problems.

Please help out a great dog, a good friend and me by adopting this great dog. We are sad to have left him behind but we had no options. Thanks all!!

Oh ya, did you commit the sporadic violence against him Mr He? Otherwise I don’t know of anytime he has had it. High pitched sounds have always bothered him and do most dogs. His name is “Huskie” because my daughter likes huskie dogs. He is almost 5 years old too, so good guess there mate.

It caused me some problems with the wife.

He’s a really nice doggie, and he loves being around people. Extremely easy-going and very sweet. House-broken.

He’s still not taken.

Sorry mate about the problems. Thanks for helping out though. To others out there, please help find a great home for him. Thanks. We miss you HUSKIE!!