Sweet Little Kitten Looking for a Nice Home

I found a little kitten in the street in front of my school. I looked around in the area for signs of a mother or other kittens, but couldn’t find the place it might have come from. I took it to the vet and she gave it some drops for fleas. She said it seemed quite healthy and that it was in very good condition. It’s about 2 months old, super cute and very playful. I’m not able to take it home as I already have 2 dogs. I put it in one of my dog’s old crates and at the moment I’m keeping it in the playground of my school. My manager has been kind enough to let me do that, but has told me I need to find it another place to stay asap. They’ve had problems in the past with stray cats coming to the garbage bins, urinating in the sandpits and setting off the alarms, so I really need to get it placed by the weekend. I hope someone can help me as I really don’t know what to do with this little kitten. I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow. I live in Jhongli - about 40 minutes from Taipei.

I’ve been caring for the little kitten since Monday and will take it to the animal shelter in Sinwu later today. I’ve posted here and around my neighborhood about possibly having it adopted or fostered, but so far no one has come forward.

You should try putting up photos. People respond better to photos.