Sweetheart, snuggles, pookie

OK, you soft-hearted lot. What does your loved one call you? Or what do you call your loved one? You know, the pet name that embarrasses you or them in public and during dinner parties at the boss’s house? Mine has three different ones for me: Love monster, Hoochie-coochie and Stupid-boring-spineless-fecker.

Di tao



Da3 Ling2
but I call her “sayang” :slight_smile:



I get “Baby, Sweetie, Honey” most of the time, and “Sex God” when we’re out shopping and she sees something she wants. :slight_smile:

Lambie Pie
Snoogy Woogy
Bitsy Pookums

Bitsy Pookums is my personal favourite…

Mostly “baby”, often “Hon” and “sweetie”. On my birthday it’s “Anthony, my king”. :sunglasses: :wink:

She usually calls me “asshole,” no matter how many times I tell her: “Its arsehole, honeythighs, A-R-S-E-hole.”

Actually, with the exception of my mother and my granny, I’ve called all the women in my life honeythighs, a term I stole, of course, from Dean Moriarty.

long term hotel resident

HEY! Are we married to the same woman?

Honey, darling… But sometimes, she says “You’re my genius!” And once she said (really): “You’re my Jesus!” I don’t know what to think.

Goochy Baby