Swift transfer to Taiwan

Yup and the fine is always just a rounding error to their bottom line.

Reminds me of this old Simpsons episode.


All these restriction is simply global feudalism. Feudalism seems to always be a natural order of things for some reason.

Want to keep the poor out of your land? Border controls and passports. They were never a thing prior to World War 1 by the way.

These institutions exist for one reason and one only, to exploit the poor and allow companies to hire them at unlivable wage. Same way they used to hire children for hard labor because they could be hired cheaper and could get into nooks and cranny. Child labor laws stopped that, but let’s establish immigration control so they could continue exploiting children in countries without child labor laws (the companies who made sure social progress is never made so those laws are never passed).

I was with you until you said paypal. The same paypal the forces you to sign up to a single bank to be able to withdraw mkney? The same paypal without much customer service? The same paypal that just shut off donestic use of its services without reason? The same paypal that locks accounts for months also for no logical reason?

They are one company that even taiwanese banks beat…

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Dude. You do realize all those are because PayPal today has to piggyback on existing infra that the banks have made?

I’m saying if some new company like PayPal or someone else re-designs the entire backend infra, it wouldn’t suck so much and serve the needs of worldwide customers in the 21st century.

People complain similarly about TransferWise and it’s TWD restrictions in Taiwan, not realizing that they are simply following Taiwan’s FSC regulations. Why would a for profit money transfer company intentionally restrict you?

Well some are, much of their global complaints are their own doing. Blocking accounts, freezing fund etc etc because they dont like the product. Happened to me 3 times…for many years you literally could not find customer service optiins until they were forced to. Unrelated to banking rules. They are just douche bags in general. I get your point and agree, but not paypal. Thats like putting the CCP on a human rights council. OOg wait…

Why would a for profit restrict people? That is a question hundreds of thousands of people have been asking for many years…i am at the loss as well as to way they do it.

Because algorithm. :cactus:

When banks are fined, I think the vast majority of the hoi polloi don’t actually understand that they’ve got away with it. They think that justice has been done.

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They understand it full well. The fines are to appease the masses.

That’s what I said.

They stole billions, corrupted generations and cause untold misery and hardships. But we got their 2 million fine! Well their friends got their fine, we actually arent allowed to have any. But doesnt matter, we showed those fuxkers!

Pats on the back all around! Now, do we have any food for our kids this week?