Swimming across sun moon lake

Last year, some friends and I swam across Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan, part of a huge swimming carnival. We had an amazing time. Are there are any fun loving swimmers out there who would like to join us this time round? If so, please contact John ASAP, at 0937-508-835. We need to register real soon so call even if you’re only mildly curious. It’s a non-competitive swim.

Register? Register what?

It’s an organized event with teams and teams have to register in order to get admitted to the event.

It’s non-competitive, but it’s an event with teams?

Am I missing something here, or is that Taiwanese logic at work?

Avoid the crowds and swim at Sunmoon lake at any time of year there’s no mass swim! I ended up there by mistake one year and the traffic was an absolute nightmare! Never again.

I agree that the crowds are a bit mad, but that’s part of the fun of it, to some anyway. It would certainly be a blast for a newly arrived person to check out, but maybe for crowd-shy longtermers it might be a bit much. It’s pretty entertaining to see some of the teams, like a bunch of short old dudes with scooter tires for a flotation device, or the guys who pulled a giant inflatable SuperSupau can replica all the way across the lake, swimming! Anyway, man…you get a free T-shirt, and you could probably get on TV by virtue of being a foreigner! But to each their own…

I think you’ve both got valid points. It can be maddening being trapped in the masses of people in Taiwan and the idea of taking a trip to a scenic spot on the same day that thousands of others are also headed there sounds crazy. But, on the other hand, I once ran in a 10K, many years ago, across the Coronado Bridge in San Diego and, while it was hardly a serious sporting event jostling along in the crowd, it was a strange and fun experience.

does anyone know what date this swimming frenzy thing is happening on?..

I need to be sure that I don’t accidentally choose to ride around SM lake on that weekend… I can only imagine the gleeful traffic madness that must ensue at such an event, and it’s bad enough on a regular weekend at the lake…


Yeah, it’s Sunday, September 11th - 9-11!

Big John,

Did you register already? I have a friend who will be really interested in going, but I need to give him your phone number first. And if we are only 1 or 2 participants, does it make a team?