Swimming Beach near Taoyuan

Is there a swimming beach near Taoyuan? I guess there is a swimming beach near Hsinchu- right?

there’s one in Guanyin, and one in Zhuwei, neither has lifeguards on watch, and the facilities are dodgy.

In Guanyin, Yong’an Fishing Port (永安漁港) is popular, but it’s basically impossible to get their without your own ride.

Last time I saw lots of dead fish, though, which makes me wonder if there’s a problem with the water. There is a lot of heavy industry in Guanyin.

Seriously you would not want to swim on the west coast anywhere north of Kaohsiung and south of Danshui. Water quality from macropollution (garbage) and micropollution (industrial liquid waste) is just abysmal.

I wouldn’t enter the water anywhere near that are, especially Guayin and Yongan. There are some factories there shedding some nasty chemicals, and one day I found a bag containing powder inside with a skull and crossbones printed on the front. This was on the Guanyin beach.
Good seafood at Yongan port though if that’s any consolation.

@_@ I’m glad you survived.

Are you really willing to eat it, though?

My office is just down the road. I’m hoping all the fish are caught a few hundred miles away from Yong An.

Zhuwei 竹圍… sounds possible :slight_smile:

Don’t do it, man! Life is short. Don’t make it shorter.

For a brief primer, check out this thread:

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Ha I have swum in Tianjin waters, Taiwans’ water is positively crystal clear in comparison