🏊 Swimming - How Was Your Swim Today?

I’ve done a swim across the day before the big event. We were given a chip and it was timed. I’m not interested in the carnival, but perhaps others might be interested. Good luck!

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After some months of on and off practice with EVF, which includes a long time of giving up after feeling left shoulder pain, I finally started to get it with my right arm but not on my left. A lot of swimmers have an uneven stroke, with even some elite swimmers having a loping style, and so I was quite happy with my style of good EVF with my right arm but bad on my left. But in recent months, I decided I needed to do something about swimming smarter and not harder as I slowly get up there in age.

To make a long story short, I figured out through trial and error that if I swiveled my hips so that my left hip is facing somewhat upwardly, that would give my left arm the room it needed to get into the right catch for EVF. The reason I can do EVF on the right arm is because I breathe to the right and so of course my right hip would be positioned correctly for my right arm.

Eureka, this is it! I can now do EVF with both arms. I will need some months before I can do this well, but I’m so happy that I finally have this better form down. I searched for information related to how getting your hips in the right position first before trying to get your arm in the EVF catch position, but I have been unable to find anyone who discusses this.

Anyway, it works for me. Today’s intervals were all done using EVF. I feel I can take swimming to a new level once I get this fully worked out, and I’m very excited about that.

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In the States and so I’m swimming at the local Y. I typically hate their 25 yard pools, but as I slowly get over my jet lag, it’s nice having the easier workouts. And yesterday and today, there was a swim team in the lanes next to mine. That always gives me a boost of motivation. I like how Strava converts yards to meters.

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