Swimming laps in Taipei

I am looking for a place to swim laps, and possibly people to swim with. In the US I swam for a USS Masters team, and would like to continue swimming here in Taipei. Is anyone interested? You don’t have to be competitive or anything, just want to get some exercise and have fun. Or, does anyone know of a swim team?

Jennifer jennifermaccollum@hotmail.com

hi, i’m going to be living in Taipei come June/July after I graduate from UCLA. I used to swim at the high school level and would love to take it up again to work off those pounds gained during college. please let me know if you find a place to swim (I’ll prolly be near the jung he area). it’d be great to have the motivation and a routine.


Depending on where you live, there is a large facility close to the National Palace Museum, next to the movie studio. There are various packages and pools to choose from. You can also learn to scuba dive there.

is that national palace museum near jung he? if i recall correctly on my last visit there, i think i passed by that place on the mrt omw to the seaside. it was really far, like a 30 min ride on the mrt.

but then again, scuba sounds so cool…