Swimming pool in Yong He

Anyone know of a place in yong he where I can swim in the early mornings? thanks

miltownkid knows.

miltownkid knows.[/quote]
I was waiting to see if someone else knew of a place. I think there might be a public pool around here somewhere, but maybe not.

I swim at the Sogo in Yonghe, but they don’t open 'till 10 and you need to be a member.

How much is membership?

12,000NT/year (well, a little less I think). They have weights, jogging machines and free classes to go to (and some other stuffs). They even have a Hip Hop dance class I haven’t managed to get to yet.

Fuho Junior High has a public pool. Don’t know what hours they open though. We have summer classes there and the 70 year old speedo wearing lifeguardc said l could buy tickets and swim more often.

Where is the Sogo?
Is that at the Venis swimming pool? That is quite a nice place, except that I would like an outdoor pool more.
The pools in the Youth Park are pretty close to Yung Ho if you have a scooter.

amos and twonavels, could you pm me with directions so i can check it out. thanks

I have the Venis business card here, but I can’t read Mandarin so it’s not of much help! The phone number printed here is 3151-7234. There is a pool and some cool little splashpools with those jets of water that can massage you. There are some steam room/sauna things too, I think. The whole thing was redone last year, so they raised the price a bit.
It’s about five to ten minutes by scooter from the Tingshi MRT, but it might be in Zhong He already, I don’t know. If somebody doesn’t post the address here I’ll see if I can ask some friends to translate it for me.

Edit: didn’t notice the pm part in your question

I’ve been going swimming at the 太平洋 (TaiPingYang) swimming pool across the street from Sogo. It’s really nice. They have these herbal steam rooms, too. It’s pretty expensive, though. $5000 for 30 tickets.
Anyway, it’s on 中山路一段177 (ZhongShan Rd. Sec.1 #177). It’s awesome.

I’ve also heard of a new pool in Ximending that just opened up and it’s supposed to be inexpensive and nice.

[quote=“Namahottie”]amos and twonavels, could you pm me with directions so I can check it out. thanks[/quote]I’ll put it here for better reference. Fuho Junior High School is on Yongheng road. It is opposite th another Junior High School whose name has escapen me at present. Yungheng road runs off Yungjeng road (the extension of Julin road). From Taipei, take the Fuho bridge (not Yungfu bridge that takes you to Fuho road) and at the end of it, take the first right, that’s Yungheng. Half way down, Fuho is the Junior High on the left, not the right.

As twonavels said, Youth Park (Qingnian Gongyuan) is very quick to get to from Yonghe by scooter (5 minutes or so). Come over the ZhongZheng Bridge and take the first left you can and try and keep heading int hat direction, staying as close to the riverwall as you can, and you’ll quickly see Youth Park (adress Qingnian Rd, Guoxing Rd and Shuiyuan Rd). The swimming pool is behind the driving range, which you’ll be able to spot easily. Hours are roughly 5:00-7:00AM (for which time you only have to pay 30NT), and then from about 8AM til 1o or 11PM. I think it’s 50NT if you want to use the outside pools only and about 80NT if you also want to use the indoor pools and spa stuff. Indoor pool is 50M or close to. Outdoor has a 50M (or close) deep lane swimming pool and a kiddies pool.


Wow, that’s very cool, Amos. I didn’t know about that one. I’ll definitely go check it out, too.

[quote=“twonavels”]Wow, that’s very cool, Amos. I didn’t know about that one. I’ll definitely go check it out, too.[/quote]No probs. Actually, I’ve also just found out that the Yungho Junior High (that’s the name of the Junior High opposite Fuho Junior High) also has a public swimming pool. I haven’t used that one before though.