Swimming Wetsuit

Where can I buy a swimming wetsuit, you know, the kind they use in triathlons? Thank you!

where are you located?

I’m in Taipei.

You can go to the hiking gear shop in Zhongshan North Rd., Sec. 1, n. 27

Thanks for that! I’ll check it out!

Do a Google Maps search for 潛水. The shop I’ve been to with the best selection of everything and the best prices is definitely the one in Xizhi, Datong Rd. Second would probably be the one in Yonghe, Zhongshan Rd.

Thanks! I live in Xizhi so I’ll check this one out this weekend.

I ended up going to this place:

瘋三鐵工作室 (Fun Triathlon)

They had a good number of suits to try on (without and without sleeves, made in Taiwan and imported) and then you order the one you like. They were very helpful and had all kinds of other triathlon stuff for sale.

I’m getting ready for my first open-water swim in about a month. Had a bit of a knee problem that I thought was the result of swimming sprints. It turns out that my hiking was probably the main cause of it. No pain in the knee. Doing progressively long swims for the weekly long swim. I can’t wait for the 3.2 km open-water swim coming up!