I have a friend who really loves to swing dance and has been searching high and low for a social place to do it. No place too small or dingy- a barn or garage will do. We have heard a few recommendations for ballroom dancing, but no luck with the swing. Anyone have any suggestions?

this i would love to know as well. i suppose it would be too much to ask for a place here that has swing and some teachers to teach intro lessons so i can take some of my friends who have no idea what swing is.

It depends what you mean by “swing”…whether it’s East Coast Swing, West Coast swing, etc

The term “ballroom dancing/international standard/social dancing” in Taiwan includes the International Standard (aka competition standard), Latin dances and some others like Jitterbug.

If you’re looking for swing with a bunch of aerials, flips and whatnot…I don’t think you’re going to find it in Taiwan.

In summary, it depends what you’re envisioning.

i’ve been to quite a few swing clubs/bars in the us and have yet to see anyone do the crazy arial stuff. that’s pretty much reserved for performances and gap commercials.

i think when most people think of swing, we’re thinking of east coast swing and maybe lindy hop. any place that plays “swingable” music and has a dancefloor would be good, too.

Actually, he’s really into lindy, but at this point he’s willing to go for anything even remotely like swing. It got so desperate that we were lindy hopping outside New York New York the other night to his headphones.

Sigh. Any suggestions Answerer?

A suggestion: Start your own informal club/group. I’ve been trying to find swing for almost a year in Taiwan (ok, haven’t been trying THAT hard, but…). I think there might be enough people interested to start something, especially if you get the word out and the foreigners who enjoy swing bring Taiwanese friends. I’ve only gone once, but enjoyed it a great deal.

I’d look for a larger bar or restaurant that doesn’t have great business and see if you can get some deal with them… every Wednesday evening or something; people pay a bit of money to get in, buy a drink or two and dance. The restaurant/bar might be happy to do something like that…

Just a thought.

Are you sure you want to join a swing dance club and not a swingers club ??I know which one I would join !

Hey everybody including me wants to know which one you would join?

Tommy :stuck_out_tongue:

I will join the swing, chacha, and boogie boogie…
I learned some from my philippine’s buddy back in Jakarta…
it would be good to improve it:)