Swingers in Taiwan - Huan ren zuo zuo kan

Would you ever "huan ren zuo zuo kan"?

  • Yes - I already have
  • Yes - I want to try
  • No - It’s disgusting
  • No - I am too scared
  • No - but I wish I had
  • I’ll have to think about it
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I was watching late night T.V again and saw this talk show about Taiwanese couples who had been engaging in swinging, partner swapping for the night with no strings attached. They said it saved their marriage - I have my doubts, but for the sake of argument I am going to throw open the polls.

For further comment, how would you feel knowing that your partner was going at it with someone else while you were going at it with someone else? See, I think some guys would answer that they’d love to give it a try but then be overcome with a desire to dismember the stranger going at it with their partner.

Perhaps I should cut back on late night talk shows in Taiwan…

It appears that it is not just for locals. Here’s an ad over at Tealit.

Perhaps such couples might want to get together first to watch The Ice Storm, by Taiwan’s own Ang Lee (Li An). A beautiful film, but a real bummer.

None of the above applies to me. My reply would be no, I don’t want to, but I don’t find it disgusting.

Personally I’d like to have two bisexual girlfriends who were also girlfriends with each other, if you see what I mean.

p.s. Isn’t it “huan ren shishi kan” - same as the DPP election slogan (which they would like everyone to forget in time for the next presidential election!)

[quote=“Boss Hogg”]It appears that it is not just for locals. Here’s an ad. over at tealit.

I could never go through with it - they’re bad spellers. :wink:

Anyway, I’ve got it so good at home, that anywhere else is surely a step down… :smiley: :sunglasses:

I think you misread the ad, Maoman–“chow” isn’t misspelled.

Anyway, this couple is sitting on the show, wearing shades and hats, saying that their marriage was drifting apart for 6 years, so they decided to give it a try. They say that it taught them what they were doing wrong and made them closer.

Can anyone be so stupid… answer… YES.
Think of the risk, aids etc, what are you going to be bringing home to the wife and what’s she going to be bringing home for you?

Russian roulette anyone??!!

To be consistent you would have to say that having more than one partner in a lifetime is stupid and playing Russian roulette. I don’t think thats stupid, and while it is playing “Russian Roulette,” so is everything. Some activities just have more empty chambers in the gun than other activities.

At least there’s a degree of honesty involved for these couples, as well as a therapeutic goal in mind, however vaguely defined. Seems far higher on the ethical ladder than maintaining a mistress in Dongguan.

Chou ?

If I had my way, straight people would not be allowed to swap until we get legal unions that is equal to marriage in every respect. But I don’t have that chip to bargain.
If you do try it, discuss it from every angle and afterward, if the little green monster rears its ugly head, talk it out. Draw boundaries, follow the rules and use condoms before penatration. Of course, if you are married to this person, I would hope you know where your love stands on the issue and have already drawn boundaries.

[quote]chainsmoker wrote:
I think you misread the ad, Maoman–“chow” isn’t misspelled.

Chou ?



[quote=“SuperS54”][quote]chainsmoker wrote:
I think you misread the ad, Maoman–“chow” isn’t misspelled.

Chou ?



Ciao, bello!
I once had a purple-tongued Chow Chow. He was cute but got nasty with children.


I once had a purple-tongued Chow Chow. He was cute but got nasty with children.[/quote]

My poor Chow Chow is now relagated to the patio and garage because of a few too many snaps at children. It was provoked every time, but we just can’t risk keeping her indoors with the kids now.

Just to bring this back to the topic, I wouldn’t mind swapping dogs!

Come on - it’s peoples own life. If they want to screw around then let them do that - no big deal. The AIDS thing? Use a condom. That usually does the trick. After all, Taiwan is till a low risk country when it comes to AIDS, so as long as condoms are used, things should be allright.

The title of this thread has been questioned by a post and a PM, the poster suggests that the correct title of this thread should be “huan ren shishi kan”. Now, this may infact be true to be truely correct in Chinese, however the title of the show clearly printed “huan ren shi kan kan” down the side of the screen for all to see, that is unless I have a memory problem (this may be the case). However, since we all know what I am talking about I think I will just leave things as they are until I get a video tape of the show with evidence showing that I or the show are infact wrong in the title of the show.

But, what’s in a name anyway?

I think it’s likely to be “Huan Renshi, kan kan”. But I suppose it could equally be “Huan Ren, shi shi kan”

Hmmm, reminds me of “Women Yi Jia Dou Shi Ren”… What a great show !

It seems I have heard this before, refresh my memory please!


ok, ok, we get the point fella, get a tape:wink:

now just to shut Juba up there is a modification to the title of the thread. No, I didn’t change it, just added something. I never give in.

Now, perhaps Juba would kindly tell us all about his life as a closet swinger.