Swiss bank: is ok or another USA like troubled bank

Sometimes you just so eloquently explain it.

I agree. Imagine letting some of these EU member states just come in to Switzerland with the freedom of movement. They also avoided the migrant problem and debt sharing :joy:


The Swiss are allowing exactly this (with some restrictions compared to „real“ EU member states, e.g. you have to be able to support yourself). Moving to Switzerland as an EU citizen is much easier than moving to the UK!


And I thought my personal balance sheet was heavily leveraged

What’s up with these banks ? I guess the roller coaster interest rates took down SVB but what is happening with credit Suisse.

Should the US govt bonds be with no fixed interest rate but instead be floating ?

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I can work in Switzerland next month for like 2.5x higher netto pay. It is ridiculous easy for most qualified EU citizens to get visa. Why don’t we?
Kindergarten cost for 3 kids would eat like 80% of my salary. Unless my spouse has a big heart and take care of kids at home. But I prefer to have regular sex rather than push her to limits.
Oh, and the rent and health insurance.


Yes our local preschools in SF charge USD 3000 per Month per child !!!

Who the hell can afford kids? That’s like 3 X TT payment for one child. (using Tommy’s financial
Yardstick) or about 500 Happy meals per month (not using Tommy’s financial yardstick).

Interesting character at the bank.

Switzerland’s 2nd-largest bank, Credit Suisse, sank after the collapse of US-based Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank & Silvergate Capital. Shares fell 30.8% on the Swiss Stock Exchange.
The head of the bank Depending on the day are known as Philip Bunce or Pippa Bunce.

Inertia. Switzerland is expensive, but purchasing power is still much higher in Switzerland.

Yes, an average swiss guy has higher purchasing power than an german guy.

But this doesn’t mean an average German guy would have switzerland purchasing power when moving there. We don’t have family support and connections. We would get less paid jobs and would be harder for us to buy apartment. Move 4 millions Germans to Switzerland and Switzerland standar falls to German level.

I don’t think difference is so huge to be worth the hassle of moving. Especially with family. Is it easier to get another job, higher pay job here or open a company here. What you have to understand, swiss people work harder and longer, many Germans opt in for easier hours. Once you will have kids, will understand money is not a priority.

Bank will go away, Swiss gov gives out money and UBS what is left. Big loss for shareholder.

from BBC
“But now? A system that allows a 167-year-old bank to go belly up, in the space of a few days, at the cost of many jobs and massive losses in share value?”
Credit Suisse: Bank rescue damages Switzerland’s reputation for stability - BBC News