Switch everyone to prosilver?

Given niggling problems like the inability to vote and the occasional font sizing hiccup (it wouldn’t surprise me that this problem may be related to the tweaked template we are using), I’m wondering if we should encourage everyone to move over to the Prosilver template once and for all.
Prosilver is the “native” template for phpBB Olympus. The Forumosa template was designed with easing the transition for regular Forumosans with the upgrade to Olympus.

I’ll be adding more ads and other features to prosilver in the weeks ahead. Let me know your thoughts about making such a switch.

I’d need yet another option to avoid the hoi polloi. Plus I bet you’d be migrating the ads over here soon enough too.

Sheesh. There goes the neighbourhood.

I’m switching over now and will keep prosilver on to see whether there are any problems. Maybe some others can do the same? At first glance it looks like everything is still here – just arranged slightly differently, which I’m sure will piss good ol’ Doc off. :laughing:

WTF is prosilver? I 'aint never HEARD such shit (paraphrasing the late great Bessie Smith).
Does it mean I have to futz around with my profile thingy? Sounds like a giant pain in my arse.

[quote=“sandman”]WTF is prosilver? I 'aint never HEARD such shit (paraphrasing the late great Bessie Smith).
Does it mean I have to futz around with my profile thingy? Sounds like a giant pain in my arse.[/quote]
Dude, I’m even worse off than you. Not only do I not know what the fuck “prosilver” is, I don’t know what the fuck “WTF” means!!

Actually, just had a peek and it looks a bit weird, but as usual with these things I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

I don’t like it, but I guess I will get used to it.

Or always log on via Tapatalk… :wink:

I REALLY don’t like it. That background mucks with the definition. It looks like a mess. And it burns my eyes. :astonished:

I don’t like it either actually I don’t like to change :blush:

I don’t like change either, but I think there are some important technical reasons for trying to get Forumosa changed over to this, right Goose Egg? (Remember that the implication of using the “native” template for phpBB Olympus is meaningless to non-tekkies.)

I don’t like reading on a dark background like this. It does cause eyestrain. However, Goose Egg can probably change the color fairly easily – right?

this quick reply feature is kind of nice, but the overall look and feel isn’t as nice on the eyes. I hope Goose Egg can do something about that


Oh, well done to the Doc. :bravo:

My arse hurts and I haven’t even STARTED yet! This does not bode well for my wellbeing. Which is bad, seeing as how snadman lite is currently banged up for insalubrious conduct.

[color=#004I’m good at it080][/color]

Meh…prosilver schmosilver…I’m still at

[quote]Your warning level: [2][/quote]… :whistle:

Thanks for at least having a look already :slight_smile:

Changing the colors of the theme is not easy, at least it hasn’t been for me the several times I’ve tried it. There are many different parts to the style that take color - a whole lot! What is important is to you a theme that is based on Prosilver. I’m learning there are quite a few out there.

Would you like to have a crack at it? I found a website that helped me get to what you see right now: beta.colorizeit.com/

If you try it out and come up with a scheme you like, name it after youself, and then send it to me at admin (at) forumosa.com – use this to color your own Prosilver: beta.colorizeit.com/index.php?st … .prosilver

I’d like you to use Forumosa’s colors: maroon (#660000), Gold (#d0d098), White (#FFFFFF) and Gray (#333333, #666666, #999999). But if you want to come up with something else that we can associate with Forumosa or Taiwan, please send it over.

Why fix it Mr Egg? It’s not broken! Do we really need a "start a poll option? Why not remove it? Just me personally, but I prefer the big fonts! And I’m also really conservative about change, not being a COMPUTER GEEK like Mr Sandman. :smiley:

You will always have the choice to continue to use the Forumosa Style. But because the way that style is made is so different from the default style – the default (prosilver) style does not use “Tables” but forumosa’s does – trying to ensure it matches prosilver will take time. And with so many items on the to-do list, it makes a lot of sense to me to use the default style instead, and stomp on a few bugs.

Since you will have the choice what style you want to use, the site will only look different if you do not log in. But we are still a couple of weeks away from a Prosilver style becoming the default theme. I am hoping to see some suggestions on what to incorporate in that that final theme.

Another thing to remember is that I have to continuously upgrade this software because of security (we have been successfully hacked once). So this kind of change will never end. In fact, when you visit phpBB.com right now, you will find that they are talking about TWO new versions - phpBB 3.1 (“Ascraeus”) and phpBB 4 (“Rhea”) (Bloody Brits just can’t leave well enough alone - altho phpBB began in the US, today it seems to be dominated by geeks from the UK).

Like before where we did not upgrade to phpBB 3 until about a year after its launch, and only after we realized there were compelling server security reasons to do so, we’ll watch and wait to see when we should upgrade to higher versions. But I do not look forward to those times - because they are disruptive and they require reinstalling things we do not want to lose for a long period of time - like banner zones for our sponsors. Using a native style like prosilver helps minimize those gaps and delays.

I’ve switched to prosilver for now. I’ll give it a go for the week anyway. Not real keen on the background color either, but no biggie.

if the background colour gets to you, just turn your monitor off.