Switching from Android to iOS... few questions

iOS 8 announcement got me interested in getting the next iPhone, but I have a few questions in regards to Taiwan usage…
Nevermind, found the answers myself…

  1. Can I pay cash for the apps in one of the A+ stores? Or are there other ways to get redeemable credits on the iTunes app store?
    Update: Unfortunately no, I have to purchase online.

  2. Anybody happen to use a Mophie battery case? If so, does the port still act as a syncing cable, or do I need to detach the case in order access/sync data?
    Update: Yes, it does access/sync data

  3. There’s still no Bluetooth mouse support right? (I frequently use an HDMI dock for my phones as a desktop web surfing device)
    Update: Nope

The main question is: what interested you from iOS8? The features that Android had years ago?

I think switching from Android to iOS is an error. Think that once you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you have to do everything the way they want, not the way you’re used to. Bluetooth mouse? Nope. Manually adding/retrieving files in your folder of choice? Not going to happen, you need to use iTunes and everything goes in the directory they want, not in the one you need. And so on.

Yup… iTunes (and Apple in general) is something I avoid like the plague.

That’s like taking a huge step backwards. Invest in a G3 or any of the new flagship phones coming out (S5 prime, HTC One M8 etc…)

@Balquesmith: I’m a hobbyist developer, so for development reasons. I want to learn the iOS side of things and now seems like a great time with the introduction of Swift language and I’m really excited to see what it would be like to write apps without considering memory management - which is a very big difference compared to Android development.

@jctw: LG G3 definitely got some nice hardware, but I will always stick with Nexus (or maybe even Google Play Edition) devices just so I can have stock Android and timely updates.

Ah, I’m a bit biased. I will probably never go back to Apple, Android has been ahead ever since the release of ICS.

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Congratulations on the planned upgrade :wink: