Switching from ARC/work visa to student visa

I am tentatively planning not to renew my contract for my teaching job when it expires in November. I came to Taiwan to study Chinese, and I want to be a full-time student at Shi Da.

What I am wondering is what I will need to do to switch from my current working status to student status. Will it suffice to go to the Taipei police station after my registration at Shi Da with proof that I am registered as a student there? I am assuming they will give me a 60 day visa which I can then renew for up to 6 months. My understanding is that Shi Da gives students an ARC after 4 months of study there.

Or, after my school cancels my ARC when I don’t sign another contract will I have to go to Hong Kong to get a new 60 day tourist visa?

Is it necessary to leave Taiwan to switch my status?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

A work visa (ARC) can not be changed to a student visa (ARC) in Taiwan. You will have to leave the country for a new 2 month visitor visa. This can be extended in Taiwan at the FAP. After four months of study you can apply for an ARC based on your studies. Please remember to bring all required paperwork to the TECO office when applying for your new visitor visa.

Please double check that information at ShiDa before you leave. I was told this week that my visitor visa could not be changed into a student visa and that I would have to leave and return to change it. I am unsure as to how true this is. I plan on checking it soon. But before you fly off, talk to the fine folks at your school about how this can be done.