Switching schools: the process

Could someone with experience please give me a brief outline of the process for changing schools, without having to leave Taiwan?
I currently work at a cram school/kindy. Once I have completed my current contract, I hope to start teaching at a different school. I have no idea of what sort of timeline I could follow, and what sort of beurocratic red tape to expect.
How many months before the expiration of my current contract should I start looking for, and secure a new job?
Will I have to re-submit all my documents, like criminal record check, degree? etc etc
Would I keep my old ARC and health card? What’s the process for changing all the info, like employment details and address, on it? Would I have to do another medical exam?
Any other details would be appreciated!

I really hope someone answers this post as I have the same question. The date on my ARC is also different from the date of my contract…

I’ve switched jobs twice since I’ve been here, but that was a long time ago, so I don’t remember the details very well, and both times I wasn’t very orderly in the way I did it.

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Maybe someone will come along and add, correct, or clarify.

Hope this helps.


Whether you stay or go, the process will be similar.

–Get your health check now. (Or at least once you finish reading this post). The health check is good for 6 months, but sometimes takes a while to get the results.

–Go to the tax office and have them print out a form showing that you paid your taxes last year.

–Take the health check, passport (don’t let them keep the passport), photos, and tax form to the new or old employer. They’ll file for your work permit.

–Take all the stuff to immigration once you have it to get your ARC

Just give your school enough notice to make sure they have time to find a teacher and you stay on good terms with them.

Here’s one way you could do it:
Step one, get an APRC. Step two, change schools whenever you want.