Switzerland bans face covering in public

Ok for health reasons such as masks. But no more buquas or niqabs in public, ok in private or religious institutions.

This is a tough one. Don’t know how I feel about it. People should be free to wear whatever they want or don’t to a reasonable degree. But at the same time, it’s not really a choice for some of these women who would face dire consequences for not wearing it as a Muslim.

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Yes, though personally I lean towards the Swiss decision on this one.

There was also this a few years back

What leans me towards being fine with it is that it was put up for democratic vote and won by majority.

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Good point; not going to get that in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but you can cover your face as much as you want in those places!

I have issues with this. So I can wear a scarf in public if my face is cold, but these people can’t choose to wear a piece of clothing that is part of their religious beliefs? How is that part of a free, democratic country? I don’t get it.


My feelings on this one aren’t so strong that I really want to get dragged into the argument (I’d say I’m about 51% in favour, 49% against); but I can play devil’s advocate if you would really like that

The idea is people want to liberate women who are oppressed into wearing it. It’s not exactly a choice for many Muslim women. A scarf you can take off and on based on your feeling of cold. Do you think women born into Muslim families and communities can just stop wearing a niqab if they don’t want to?

I’m not so hot on it for reasons I’ve listed above. But this is the reasoning.

Europe face a lot of extremism these days. So that’s another perspective. It likely won majority for this reason as well. My Swiss friend said the voting was pretty split across political spectrums.

So, what about Catholic Nuns whose habits cover most of their face?

pics or it doesn’t count

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I’m pretty sure they don’t cover their face.


Not completely. I guess it depends how much is covered for the Swiss to get upset.

There’s actually nothing in the Quran about wearing a niqab or burqua. Nothing about covering your face. So for this reason alone, I would have to say it doesn’t come under religious freedom. It’s cultural more than anything. Many Muslims don’t wear it as well.


maybe you should learn what a burkha is


OK, I didn’t read the description fully, just ’ face covering’. Understood now.


I often thought the Swiss are far more liberal than that.

The Real Reasons Why the Swiss Voted to Ban Minarets
(lol huffpost)

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Many of them, particularly women, supported this ban according to my Swiss friend.

Albeit a very thin majority: 51% voting yes with around 50% of voter turnout.

Also, the vote was mostly symbolic: The number of affected residents is said to be less than 100 in the entire country. Mostly tourists will be affected.

I think it’s a bit weird to spend so much legislative effort on a matter so small. So the vote should mostly be seen as a political stunt by a right wing party.

Oh, and some people say that a collateral of the ban could be mascots wearing costumes.


Only if you already know what you think, and don’t really know what you’re talking about.

From the first article in the thread

From the 2009 article I shared


But it wasn’t just that. Not at all. The situation in Europe is pretty shaky with Muslim integration. Even the most liberal countries have had to come to grips with confronting the issue, most recently France.