Sybase offers FREE database edition for Linux,aid,117724,00.asp

Sybase is now offering a FREE limited-data-size version of its database software for anyone wanting to play with it under Linux. From what I’ve read so far, you are allowed to use it for any project you want, but it will only store 5GB of data, run on machines with 2GB of RAM or less, and only on one CPU.

Oracle also offers a free Linux version, but their license restricts users to using it only during development of a project; for real commercial use, you are required to buy a license.

Sybase is nice and all but I’m not sure why someone starting out on a project would choose to use a crippled version of Sybase over uncrippled versions of PostgreSQL or MySQL. Seems like the main people that would be interested are current customers who have a few small installations that could go without support… Did they just shoot themselves in the foot?

Never saw Postgres, but MySQL has some limitations in its SQL, like no subselects.

Sybase has full-blown SQL and way beyond, including triggers, stored procedures, and other nice features.

5GB is plenty for a lot of databases, and one could always run two installations on two separate machines, connected by a network, to store, say, a customer orders system and a website catalog system.