T-Shirts You Want In Chinese

I see alot of horrible T-shirt and it got me thinking. I want some t-shirts printed up in Chinese.

The first one I want would say on the back in Chinese “Don’t be scared, I won’t make you pratice your crappy English.”

What would you want yours to say?

“Don’t worry, I’m not an ‘english’ teacher.”

  1. “Yes, I was born with this hair colour.”

  2. Don’t hide in the back of the store; I speak Chinese."

“Looking for Taiwanese Girlfriend”

“Looking for Taiwanese Boyfriend”

“Beware, I’m a Pervert”

“The world is unfair in my favor.”

Hello Klitty

“The Chinese on my shirt is probably no worse than the English on yours.”


The characters should of course have some homophonic substitutions and incorrect strokes. Maybe some reversed characters. Even upside-down.

Ooh. I’m really starting to like this idea. :smiling_imp:

“My Grand Dink’s in the shop”


Dirty white slut.


I don’t understand Chinese culture!

What are you looking at??

“Yes, I am tall.”

“I’m not American, so don’t call me one you ignorant, erm, people.”

“I’m a foreigner. Please send my speeding ticket in English.”

[quote=“Dangermouse”]“Yes, I am tall.”

That’s good. :bravo:

Fat binlang-chewing prick

“I love Taiwan”

Sure you didn’t spell Di_k wrong?

Sure you didn’t spell Di_k wrong?[/quote]

What’s a woman gotta do to get some d*&k around here?!?!? :smiley:

Open a/the shop?

Have breast reduction surgery :laughing: Uh oh, here comes the etiquette police…

This reminds me of a lovely story about a foreigner in Red China who wore a shirt a couple of years ago similar to the ones being proposed here and got into a nasty scuffle with some of the locals. Personally, I side with the Chinese people in this case. If you’re going to have that sort of condescending attitude to people around you, you shouldn’t have it literally spelled out on your T-shirt.