T.V ad to make you go hmmmm

I was watching t.v the other night and there was this whisky ad. I’ve seen it many times and never thought twice about it. But then it suddenly dawned :bulb: on me that the ad shows people on construction sites, building hi-ways and in factories singing about Whiskey and raising their glasses. It got me to thinking about - Do Taiwanese approve of drinking at work??

I asked my students and they told me that many construction workers get this whiskey and mix it with coffee to give them a super high energy feeling. :shock: Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t liquor slow your reflexes?? :?: :?: :?:

They went on to add that this is a part of Taiwan culture and also includes truck drivers drinking this stuff on the job. I am staying well clear of every truck from now on. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Do you feel comfortabe with the guy building your house drinking on the job? If I was building a sky rise I wouldn’t even think about drinking on the job, one slip and SPLAT. :sunglasses:

What do you all think? Have you seen the ad in question? Do you think that it is a questionable way to advertise? Do you believe that it is acceptable behaviour?

I had the same reaction when I saw the ad. Turns out that it is whisbey not whisky that they are drinking. Whisbey from what I understand is an energy drink.

Funny though!

er, Whisbee = high caffeine cough syrup
Whisky is something else

I feel so stupid, high caffeine cough syrup - why on earth didn’t my students correct me??? ahhhhhhh.

ok, there is another ad out there too about a Japanese whiskey brand and the guys are in a factory drinking up large. What’s the brand again??? uhhhhh or am I mistaken again??? I really need to start paying attention to the ads.



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福氣啦 福氣啦
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