Tablet repair Taipei


My galaxy tab 7.7 is bricked and I need someone to fix it. Does anyone know where a shop is that fixes dead galaxy devices? It seems all it needs is a recovery image but i need a special device for that.

Thanks in advance.

Do you know how it got bricked? Here are a few tips on how to restore it yourself, including the recovery image download… … recovery/#

Honestly almost all samsung devices are nearly impossible to really brick. Did you already try restoring it with Kies and/or flashing a new rom?

There is a samsung repair center near Guanghwa computer market, not in the big building, but outside. If you go to the Samsung store inside they will direct you to where it is.

True, but I would recommend to go to the 5th floor of Guanghwa. While they are unbranded, the repair stores there might be cheaper. Look for the ones selling body parts.