Tachia (DaJia)

Da Jia will be pretty busy over the next few weeks. The local temple god, Ma Zu, is preparing for travel. There are performances at the weekend and on April 5 the god will leave town in a great pilgrimage procession. The town will be packed with thousands upon thousands of people and a great market will be taking over the main street.
When the god comes back on April 13 it will be pretty much the same thing again.
The place to be Da Jia (Tachia).


[b]Come on down (or up, depending on where you are) and freak out the locals as they see a band of foreigners frolicking :wink: happily through the downtown streets.

They may think they are under attack.
You may get to meet Boss Hogg[/b]

Check it out for yourself.




taiwanfun.com/central/taichu … Yamaya.htm

If you want to meet Boss Hogg then P.M me a couple of days before you travel and we’ll see if we can hook up.

Actually, the place is really jumping at the moment.

Great traditional temple activity, if you haven’t caught it on the news already you are really missing something special.

What would be the nearest MRT station ?

Has he/she finally had enough of you ? :smiling_imp:

Too risky then. :smiling_imp:

Only joking, I love you really.