Tag Me! - Taiwan's FIRST facebook party Feb.11

For the first time ever in Taiwan…
WHERE: Tin Pan Alley. #28, Beimen Road Section 2, Tainan City 叮盤巷 台南市 北門路二段 28 號
WHEN: Sat. Feb 11 9:30pm start

A REAL VIRTUAL EVENT where you become your Facebook page! :thumbsup:

Fill out a STATUS UPDATE when you arrive and receive 2 LIKE stickers and a POKE sticker
Wear your STATUS UPDATE sticker on your chest
COMMENT stickers will be provided so you can comment on your friends
Additional LIKE and POKE stickers will also be available


一場化虛擬為真實的活動即將展開, 你/妳 即將成為自己的臉書首頁!
將妳/你的近況更新作成字條貼在胸前來參加活動, 我們將會在線場發放“讚“及"戳“的貼紙各兩張, 現場也將提供“留言”貼紙讓大家在朋友身上留言, 此外我們也將提供更多的“讚”及“戳”貼紙讓每個人有更多的表達機會!

Cover: 150NTD with 1 drink

Music: Lyova Lyubov (Cybernetic Disco)