Tagalog loan words

Don’t know if there are other people who have fun reading about how languages came to be… but I get a kick of of these things.

It’s pretty much a given that tagalog has many loan words from Spansih and English.

I’ve known there are a lot of loan words from Holo in Tagalog, when I started to realize some of what my ex girl friend was saying sounds like Taiwanese. Things like Bihon, Ate (she some times used atsi for some, and ate for some others), Pancit, okoy (don’t know how to spell this one, it’s fried bean sprouts or other veggies in batter, sounds like ō͘-kué 芋粿 or ô-kué 蚵粿), Lumpia, Ingkong, Impo and many others. Of course she didn’t really speak tagalog, so that’s as much as I’ve learned.

There are a lot of words in common with other Austronesian languages, Formosan, or others, that’s also a given, probably not really loan words.

but I was surprised when I read this:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lo … in_Tagalog

I was amazed by the amount of Sanskrit-Pali/Buddhism loan words in tagalog. The page says “About 25% of Filipino words have been derived from both Pali and Sanskrit languages, and point to possible connections with Buddhism and Hinduism.”

25% is a lot.

I knew there were a strong Buddist tradition in Indonesia before the Muslim and then the Colonials, but didn’t know they had influences all the way up to the Philippines.