Tai Chi, Soccer, Chess?

Is there anyone reading these posts with an interest in one of these things (besides chessman71 of course). There’s a soccer feild at a school down the road from my where I’m staying. As soon as I get my hands (or feet) on a ball I’ll be there, but I’m hoping I can find some others that would like to kick the ball around.

My friend told me about New Park where they practice Tai Chi every morning, but are there other places I should check out? I’m sure there are I just don’t know them.

As far as chess goess I’m looking for someone to teach me chinese chess and people to play with. If there’s a chess “hot spot” I’d like to know it.

I just got here so I don’t know my way around, but I can follow directions from an MRT stop.



Well, gee whiz. I hope I’m not being excluded here!

But seriously, for taiji check out CKS or SYS memorial hall and get up early.

There are several types of “Chinese” chess and you’ll see most of them in the parks too. But not so much weiqi (also known as GO). I guess weiqi is too difficult.

If you’re ever up for Western chess let me know.

Hey Chessman71,

Do you know if there is a chess club in Taipei? I am interested in picking up my rusty chess skills, as it is hard to find players here.


[quote=“chessman71”]Well, gee whiz. I hope I’m not being excluded here!

But seriously, for taiji check out CKS or SYS memorial hall and get up early.

There are several types of “Chinese” chess and you’ll see most of them in the parks too. But not so much weiqi (also known as GO). I guess weiqi is too difficult.

If you’re ever up for Western chess let me know.[/quote]

I’m letting you know that I’m game for Western chess.

I’d like to here more about the diffrent kinds of Chinese chess. The one I heard about had canons, the king could only move within a square and there was no queen.

If/When we meet for a game of chess it would be cool if you could tell me more about those taiji spots. Right now I only know a few bus lines and the mrt.

If you use the personal message thingy’s I can send you one with me dageda number or you can shoot me an email. miltownkid@hotmail.com


The chinese chess with the cannon and the king that can only move around his little square is called shang(4)qi(2). That’s the most common one that you’ll see in the parks. I played it a few times but i thought it was too restricting.

if you teach at a bushiban, you can play wu(3)zi(4)qi(2) with your kids. you play it with wei(2)qi(2) pieces and you try to get five of your pieces in a row. Not many rules.

As for Western chess clubs, there are none that i know of. If you guys are up for playing maybe we could get together one Sunday. But don’t let my screen name fool you. It was my high school nickname so I’m no expert!

Sure, we could meet at a Starbucks or a pub somewhere for a game. And don’t worry, I am no expert either, just love the game. Haven’t played for years, since I came to Taiwan in fact. I can also play Chinese chess, but I feel more comfortable with Western Chess.

I work during the day, so evenings or weekends should be fine. Now that the weather is starting to cool down, we could even go to a park and play next to the old wheezers.

So what do you say?? Anyone else game?! :stuck_out_tongue:

BBC, Chessman, Miltown,

My Taiwanren girlfriend and I would like to join you for western chess. I’m not great and I hadn’t played for years, but a year ago I started teaching her the game. While she’s not great either, she loves it and has stuck with it to the point that she now beats me occassionaly, for which I feel very fortunate. I suspect that she may be the only Taiwanren, in Taiwan anyway, who knows how to play the game (I would love to be proved wrong on that). We searched every store in Taipei for a decent set and found only a couple of crappy little plastic sets, and even those are scarce. An internet search for western chess in Taiwan is equally futile. Finally, I bought a nice wooden set in Tokyo which I have with me here in Taipei. We look forward to getting together with any of you. :smiley:

I’m glad that there are many people interested in chess here. Maybe we should all agree upon place to meet and enjoy some friendly competition. I’m willing to travel anywhere I can reach by bus or mrt. I don’t know what the best way to organize a meeting would be. If anyone wants to get a hold of me by cell phone send me an email and I’ll send ya my number.

My chess skills are as follows:

To the average player I’m pretty tough.

To the tough player I’m pretty average.


Hey Gao Li Tsai,

I completely sympathize with your search of a decent chess board in Taiwan–have also tried looking for one, but to no avail.

Anyway, how about meeting some time this weekend?

How does this Sunday, at 3 PM sound, we could all meet at the Starbucks at Asiaworld (crossing of Tunhua North Rd & Nanjing East Rd).

This Starbucks has also a decent outdoor seating area in the shade–so if weather permits and it is not too hot, we could sit outdoors? If it gets too hot, we could always move indoors. The indoor foodcourt at the Asiaworld has plenty of vacant tables, that is not in the mainstream crowd area.

Anyone game?! Or could anyone suggest any alternative location.

Unfortunately, I don’t possess a chess set, thus could you guys bring one? Gao Li Tsai?!

And i said we didn’t have a club here! Looks like we have the start of one.
A Sunday meeting at a coffeeshop would be great. I could bring my board and I also have a plastic set.
i also know of a place near ShiDa that has decent tables and large drinks. Sounds good?

And Miltownkid or anyone else,

if you don’t know this Asiaworld mall location, give me a call on my cellphone at 0932 071 673, and I can give you directions how to get there.


Asiaworld is more convenient for me than Shida, but I’m flexible. Sunday at 3 sounds good. My girlfriend can’t make it this weekend but I’m game. I’m happy to bring my big (I’m no expert but I believe it’s standard size) wood set. I also have a plastic back-up set but it sounds like that’s not necessary.

Gao Li Tsai,

A deal, Asiaworld at 3 PM at their Starbucks. I will be there at 3PM and will look for a guy carrying a chess set.

My mobile number is 0932 071 673. Can you send me a private mail with your contact details, so that I can get in touch with you?

Sorry Chessman71, are you sure you can’t come down to Asiaworld–Shida is a bit out of my way. And Miltonkid are you interested in joining?

Chessman and Miltownkid,

I hope you’ll join us there too. I just sent BBC my info to get together for chess at Starbucks on Sunday at 3.

I was telling him that I imagine we’ll attract a gathering of onlookers intrigued by our strange game. My girlfriend and I laughed recently at a Chinese newspaper ad for some ritzy apt, showing a couple sipping wine and playing chess on their balcony. Except that the board was diagonal and the pieces were set up in an impossible way. But I suspect that no one noticed but us. :?

Hope you can make it too.

This Sunday at three. Hmmm… Okay. I’ll try my best to make it. See you there!

Count me in.

BBC I’ll give ya a ring tomorrow if I don’t find out how to get there.

See everybody soon.


Dear all, for those who missed our entertaining meeting.

For the record,

Attendance: 7 persons (5 men/2 females)
Games played: 6
Duration: 3 hours plus
Spectators: aprox. 300
(most Taiwanese thought we were part of Harry Potter’s promotion team)

Check out my blurry pictures at philipchantw@yahoo.com)

In any event, for those with a passion for chess, seeking like-minded players, and have time to leasure, come on down to our now regular Sunday lazy weekend showdown & have fun with just playing the game regardless of outcome.

Chessman71 will tell us of our next location facing Shr Dai University for this coming Sunday. Hope to see you all there.

That’s pretty impressive organisation. Well done!

Hey Chessman71,

be sure to post guidelines on how to get to our new chess location near Shr Da, for this coming Sunday!

Thanks. :smiley:

i can’t seem to find the business card i got from that place so lets just meet at the entrance of ShiDa on HePing Rd. Does everyone know where that is?

The actual cafe place is in one of the alleys behind ShiDa lu.