Tai-flation - Getting obvious out there

Prices are up, doubt local teaching salaries will be up by as much. My favorite breakfast joint went up by 8.5% on average this month. My other pancake snack place up by 10%. Other groceries also increasing…It turns out the printing more money is great for votes and for creating the biggest tax on society — inflation.

What are you talking about—the US? Canada? Somewhere else?

If you’re discussing Taiwan, and teachers’ salaries here—well, public workers will get a raise next year. And private sector workers will benefit from an acute shortage of qualified workers. If you’re here on the ground (not overseas) and working in the private sector, I doubt there will be a better time than now to negotiate or find a better job. :slightly_smiling_face:


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That’s not the reason. Last two years businesses made less money, are in a bind, less supply, higher prices are normal now if people want their business to survive. The only people that have no complaints are the ones that could keep working, like from home.

If it’s a traditional breakfast place you are referring to, their imported wheat and soybeans have probably gone up in price too.

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Meat, milk, basically everything is more expensive now globally


Must be due to Brexit and Donald Trump。


Largest rise in the Taiwan CPI in 9 years

Also news stories everyday about restaurants, chains and food stalls raising prices.

OMG! Now live will become unbearable!

2.84 % inflation is not high.

That number seems too low. Inflation in food prices has been quite steady over the last few years but really noticeable this year.
CPU usually doesn’t include rent or property so I think it’s not super useful. I would question this CPI number especially as fuel prices have shot up. Some would say that CPI number is bullshit.

For instance domestic fuel prices have increased approx 20% year on year.

do you know the riskless interest rate on bank deposits or TW gov bonds ?
is it higher than 2.84%?