Tai (Harry) the Husky Arrives Home!

Actually, his name’s been changed to Tai, but that would have spoiled my heading. :blush:

Remember Tai (Harry)?

He was found wandering in and out of ShinDian traffic. He’s been vaccinated, neutered, treated for a mild skin disease, and adopted! We wanted to find a home for him in a more suitable environment, and we did: Tai is going to live in the country on Vancouver Island, Canada. :slight_smile:

He is already to go, and can depart any time after Xmas. Now, here’s where you come in: I know there are many Canadians on here, and many of you will fly home around Xmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year. Tai needs someone to accompany him on his journey.

If you would like to play a key role in seeing this beautiful dog starting a new life in Canada, with tons of room to run and play and long, daily walks in the big outdoors, please let me know.

We do all the paperwork, pay all the costs, and arrange the pick-up at destination. All you would need to do is, on arrival, transport Tai from the conveyor belt and through customs to his new mum, who will be waiting for you.

If we raise enough money for his trip, we may send Harry as cargo, which is a liitle more comfortable, but for now this is our only option.

If you can help, please let me know today so that we can start making all the arrangements. My contact details are below.

If you would like to help fund Tai’s ‘homecoming’, it would be very much appreciated, as everything this end is being paid for by AnimalsTaiwan. You can contact me, or put the cash in an envelope marked ‘HUSKY’ and place it in one of our many collection boxes around town (which are listed on our Web site here).

Thank you very much!


Dogs go as BAGGAGE? :astonished:

How much money do you need to raise?

Can’t help you with the flight, Sean…but just wanted to congratulate you on the adoption. Things like that really brighten up my day! Well done! :slight_smile:

Magnolia, yes they do. I found a realy interesting article about it, actually: http://www.frommers.com/articles/832.html

We will do a lot of research to make sure that Tai is as comfortable as possible during his flight.

Re. the cost: the crate will cost about NT$6,500, and we will ask the new owner to get that back to us some time in the future. Tai’s flight will cost about NT$8,000, or approx. double if he goes cargo (which is what I would prefer). The other expenses, including shots, chip, paperwork, and transportation to the airport will come to no more than NT$2,000, so we expect the cost to be between NT$16,500 and NT$25,000.

While this may seem a lot to spend on one dog, we can use the event to get publicity, to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership, and about how some dogs just don’t suit the average Taiwanese lifestyle, let alone the climate.

Indiana, thanks for the kind words. Keep smiling and head down to your nearest donation box now. :wink: Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Thanks all!


OK, count me in for NT1,000 (2,000 if he can go on a smoking flight! :wink: )

Gawd bless! :bravo:

We’ve had other donations/pledges, too, including the proceeds from the Halloween raffle thanks to Steeevieboy and Steeeviegirl.

OK, here’s the total so far, including Magnolia’s:


(More if I can get Tai on a smoking flight :wink:)

Thank you very much to Jessica, Steeeviepeople, Muzha Man, and Magnolia. :notworthy:

So, we’re well on our way - keep 'em coming, you lovely Forumosans! :slight_smile:

The Tinfoil party is this weekend, expect more money for Harry.

And let’s say thanks to Connie for fostering him!

Hey Stray Dog,
I just sent a donation through paypal.


Peachka, thank you! That was very generous! :notworthy: :bravo:

Tai is a wonderful dog. If you’ve ever met him, you’ll know what I mean. he is absolutely unique. Peachka, your money will be very well spent. Thanks again.

The total now … [insert drum roll here] …

NT$10, 175!

That’s great! Come on, Forumosans, don’t let Peachka outdo you :wink: Let’s make it NT$18,000 (our latest estimate of costs)!

Help Harry the Husky Head Home!

way to go you guys. Just to let you know I took my dog on EVA in the baggage department and had no problems with either of them. They heat the area and leave some lights on apparently. Why not go with the cheaper version Stray Dog, then you might raise enough money to send two dogs to new homes.

Good to hear, Woudsprite. That’s what we’ll do!


(I think Boxer got adopted, by the way - sorry to disappoint, and thank you for your help. If it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll e-mail you.)

If Boxer got adopted that is great news. As soon as I get set up in my new home then you could email me should any situation come up where you desperatly need to find a new home for a dog in Canada. As I have said before, you guys are doing a great job! That and I really think that the example everyone who helps, takes in or finds a home for a stray inspires other people to change their point of view on how they deal with animals. It may take longer to create a change this way, but I believe that it is more perminent than when you get agressive with people. Also to let you know, it is getting cold over here so if there is anyway you get Harry exposed to some colder temps it might be good for him and make his transition to Canada a bit easier.

Another Forumosan gave us a very generous donation towards Tai’s flight to Vancouver!

The total so far is …


This is fantastic! Forumosans rock!

Thank you, guys!

Let’s keep it going, people!

Dear Forumosans,

Tai the Husky (formerly known as Harry) will be leaving Taiwan and arriving on Vancouver Island tomorrow, January 1st, to start his new life in a loving home surrounded by wide-open spaces and fresh air.

He wishes to thank each and every one of you who donated toward his travel, and he promises to be a good boy (as much as possible) when he gets there. He also promises to send pics.

We will be sad to see him go, but happy knowing that he will have exactly the kind of home he needs.

Thank you all so much! :bravo: :slight_smile: :notworthy:

Sean, and everyone at AnimalsTaiwan

This is a nice end of the year for you and a nice start for Harry.
I wish all here (forumosans and animals) a very happy, successfull new year.

[quote=“Stray Dog”]Dear Forumosans,

Tai the Husky (formerly known as Harry) will be leaving Taiwan and arriving on Vancouver Island tomorrow, January 1st, to start his new life in a loving home surrounded by wide-open spaces and fresh air.

I’m jealous. Can I go too? Can we start a collection for me? Turkeys need wide-open spaces and fresh air too.


Tai flew out of Taipei at 3 a.m. this morning. He touched down a few hours ago, and latest reports state that he is fine. Tai met his new best friend / mum a little while ago, and everyone is said to be very happy! :slight_smile:

As soon as I have pics, I’ll post them. For now, if you want to read and see more, check out the diary on our website: http://www.animalstaiwan.org/diary/

Thanks for supporting this, guys! :bravo: :slight_smile: :notworthy: And a huge thanks to Connie in Taoyuan for taking such good care of Tai for the last month or so. :bravo: :slight_smile: :notworthy:

More later!


Here are two pix of Tai on Canadian soil. Happy ending.

I’m welling up. :snivel:

That’s so good to see!

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You’re smiling, aren’t you! :slight_smile: