Tai Mall? (Discount outlet shopping)

On a website about Taipei I found this blurb:

In the suburb of Taipei, Tai Mall is a good place you can find discount outlet stores of international brandname clothes.

That’s all the info they gave me. Can anybody tell me where it is, and if indeed, they do have discount clothes in Western sizes?

First of all, there are no discounts to be had. Just the same old crappy Taiwan clothing, usually more expensive at Tai Mall. Tai Mall is in Nankan. Take the 1 Freeway South from TPE and get off on Nankan. Follow that road and you will hit Tai Mall.

it’s in nankan. coming from taipei. get off the freeway at the taoyuan/nankan exit and stay right. stay on the major road you wind up on for about 5 minutes, and you’ll see it on the left.

there’s not a lot there, considering the size of the place. mostly crap. might depend on what you’re looking for. but i seriously doubt you’ll find too many bargains.

Tai Mall? It’s dead for several years already! They tried to set-up a very glorious shopping mall but failed … now it’s like a any Taiwanese night market … only indoors and a little more glitter.

The first year you had incredible good brands, coffee shops, restaurants etc… the second year they started closing one by one … you had Makro … later the same space occupied by Tesco … now I don’t know anymore, because last time I’ve been there it sucked big time.

My personal opinion is Metrowalk is better. I wouldn’t commute from out of town to go to either, though.

In Taiwan, discount outlet stores just means cheap clothes shops who import the clothes. If you want to get the cheapest import wholesale clothes go to the area behind Songshan Railway Station in Taipie. It’s full of cheap clothes shops.


Dave and Busters was fun a few years ago, and they had some really nice drop pocket pool tables in the back along with a huge arcade. Is it still there?

The shopping has always been mediocre, and not worth braving Nankan traffic for. Between Metrowalk, Taimall and Windance, Windance is probably the most interesting, and has a nice Japanese buffet on the 7th floor.

there is ONE decent outlet store down the bottom that my wife thinks is OK there. They sell all the good shit from last season and end of line items etc (like Kookai, Donna Karan, Benneton etc). I cant remember any details but she had got some cool coats and sweaters there worth heaps for not much.

Unfortunately Taimall is designed really badly so even going up and down esculators is a frustrating expereince.

I have been to both the Winners restaurant (The old Daves and Buster) and the Ponderosa Steak houes recently and they both SUCK.

The cinema up top is ok.

It’s one of those places that has the potential to be ok but somehow they just totally got it wrong. Even the carpark is frustrating. Tall and skinny so if you want to park there, sometimes it takes a good 5-7 minutes to drive to the top, and that is just plain annoying. The gym is one of those “oh we can’t tell you a price now but give me your phone number and a sales consultant will call you back” bullshit.

I agree that metro is better, but both times I’ve been there is has been dead too, so I can’t see it staying like it is for too much longer. At least metro has got a Carrefor so you can go grocery shopping there. And they have a TGIFs.

buddy was saying that he had just been to the old d&b’s for lunch - supposedly was a great deal. some $260 for all you can eat pasta, as well as wings and other things. we we’re going to try that today, but stormy … maybe next week.

did you have dinner or lunch, truant?

did you have dinner or lunch, truant?[/quote]

dinner. I guess it depends on quantity or quality.

Probably it’s too close to Taipei, people like to go shopping in the big city Malls.

Winner’s has a 2 for 1 beer deal. 2 for 100NT. Draft. Half pints.

If you are in Taipei, check out the “outlet stores” in Tianmu and Taipei City.

In Tianmu, find your way to Chung Shan N. Road, Section 6, in the block before the Taipei American School (#800). There is a store called “Best Buy” there and the added bonus of a used books store upstairs “Whose Books”. When you’re done there, walk up to Section 7 (afternoon is a good time when they’re all open) and you’ll find at least a half dozen other stores like this.

It’s where I buy all of my clothes…

I picked up 11 shirts on Jungshan 7 a couple of weeks ago (Nautica, Hilfiger, etc…) for less than 4,000NT. Some are factory samples, others seconds, so you’ll need to look at each garmet carefully before purchase. But there are some real gems to be had, and a good selection for “People of size”.

At the end of September they start putting out the winter garb, and some amazing deals are to be had especially on top-end jackets…

One important thing though, you’ll need to get there at the beginning of the summer/winter clothes season, as the bargain-savy Tienmounese will pluck all the good stuff before us out-of-towners can get there.

I don’t know the name of either store, but if you walk up from the fitness center to the first lane there is a corner clothing store with lots of namebrand goodies…For example I picked up 4 Nautica shirts for 390Nt apeice, and none of the shirts ran over 590NT including some nice name brand dress shirts.

Another one is farther up toward the circle on the same side, and has a drink stand just inside the front door. In days past it was the place to pick up cheap name brand garments, but the prices have gone up lately. I picked up 2 Sierra Sports winter jackets there 7 years ago for 390NT, and I’m still using them today. Also from this store…Helly Hanson gortex, Northface extreme, Columbia etc…Expect to pay around 1500NT for the upper end winter jackets

Happy shopping… :sunglasses:

Great, a man who appreciates a bargain as much as I do!

I forgot to tell you about the stores in the city. Starting at Cosi o Cosi (Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1, No.155. Tel: 2771-5883)walk south to the next lane. One of these outlet stores is right there by Cosi o Cosi. Make a left at the next lane and there are at least two more shops there. There may be more than two but I was rushing and didn’t have time to explore more.

There is a Rebook and Adidas outlet shop at the basement of Thomson Plaza in Sanchong. You can take bus 235 or 257 from Ximending and exit at Zhongxing Intersection (Zhong Xing Kuo). There are more buses (going to Xinzhuang, Wugu, Taishan etc.) but I can’t recall the numbers. Well, 111 to/from Yamingshan also stops there. :smiley:

Make that Adidas only, they just bought Reebok :slight_smile:

TaiMall was actually the first shopping mall in Taiwan. I know THE MALL at the Far Eastern Hotel predated it, but I don’t count that, as it is kind of small. I think TaiMall’s problem is too much competition. I actually drove out there from Taipei a few times, forgot for what, but I remember when it first opened there was nothing else like in Taiwan. I haven’t been thee in many years, but I would guess it is not worth the trip from Taipei. Only check it out if you happen to be inthe neighborhood.